Written by willy

22 May 2009

When we first got into playing around with other like minded people it was not all just suck n fuck it did have a social side many people forget about.

We got an invite from a couple who where members of an online club that met every month sometimes at a hotel or a house or even a sauna the owners gave permission to use as they both where swingers to.

So we went to the social evening at a pub not to far away from us,me dressed to chill she dressed to thrill but in cloths of good taste so to speak.On the outside a belted knee length denim dress with zips up and down that showed off her great tanned legs as we had not long returned from our holiday,but underneath she put on a see thru tiger print bra n pantie set topped with a white shoulder bag and strapless mules to show her tan off,sexy bitch.

When we got to the pub we found the group in a back lounge with a large outdoor patio area so as it was a very warm evening people went outside to mingle.

The couple we got the invite from met up with us for a chat then said go forth and have fun with a sexy smile.We picked our drinks up and went outside chatting as we went so when we got a minute we looked at each other for the nod to play or do our own thing.

I could tell she was horny by her movements like a sexy smile or how she stood with her legs slightly opened showing a fare bit of her brown thighs,it was then a guy came past and said hello now as we had not long been playing she was a bit put of by single guys but he was a pleasent sort of young man so we chatted with him.

He was born in England but his parents where from India and found talking to women a bit hard,so with that she asked me to go get some drinks,as I was walking back with the drinks I got chatted up by couples saying hello to be sociable so had to chat awhile.

I got back to the patio where I found them at a table by the garden area still chatting away but noticed his hand was touching her knee as he leaned over to whisper something to her that made her laugh,I asked what the joke was so she laughed again and said he had seen her photo on the club web site and his cock had got hard so he wanked thinking he was fucking her and shot his spunk all over the PC screen.

He said he had a thing for older women she smiled and said now that he had seen her in the flesh what would he do,the poor lad nearly choked as he was lost for words and so was I,she looked at me smiled I nodded so she said just a bit of fun then ok.

She took her drink and walked to the bottom of the pub garden where it was darker and behind some small trees well away from anybody,he followed her so I followed him and when my eyes became use to the dark we saw her leaning against a tree sipping her drink and smiling.

He walked up to her not knowing how to start so I moved closer to her and kissed her and slowly slid her top zipper down a bit to push my hand inside and groped her tits making her squirm a bit,I pulled away a bit and pulled her bottom zipper up to her waist and thrust my hand down over her pussy mound making her open her legs as she pushed her cunt hard onto my fingers.

She held her hand out to him and pulled him towards her she broke our kiss and panted to him just a bit no fuck ok,he moved to her so I stepped back a bit and watched him feel her up but he looked at her face all the time.

She took his hard young cock out of his pants and slowly pulled him towards her and rubbed it between her thighs,his breathing became she kissed him opening wide to tongue him as she wanked his cock slowly pulling his foreskin back harder with each thrust he made towards her cunt.

She slowly went to her knees and took his head between her lips and sucked his cock hard making him whimper as she wanked his cock into her open mouth,I had taken my cock out and was wanking it as I walked over to them,I pushed my cock in her mouth at the same time and wanked it,it was the first time she had taken two cocks in her mouth and she loved it pulling him harder till he pulled out and spunked over her tits.

I pushed my cock deep into her mouth and face fucked her for a minute before I to pulled out and shot my spunk over her tits.I wiped her tits with my hanky as I watched him start to finger her pussy as he kissed her.

She opened her legs so he pushed his fingers deep into her cunt making her groan,I kissed her tasting our cocks on her lips and lost it as I pushed my middle finger down her panties and frigged her clit hard and fast till she buckled in pleasure from his fingers thrusting into her cunt hard and fast and me frigging her cunt mound.

She exploded her juice onto our hands as she came,she pulled his mouth to hers kissing him open mouthed grunting as her orgasm hit her,I pushed my other hand behind her forcing my finger onto her other hole and pushed into her making her groan into his mouth.

She pulled his mouth away from hers and whispered that was nice maybe more next time eh.He pulled his fingers from her and put his hard cock back into his pants as I slowly rubbed her pussy saying lets go home Babe and Ill fuck you good.

We dressed and went our way never to see him again on our travels but we always say he was a nice lad so we hope he enjoyed.

You dont always have to fuck to have a good time a bit off soft swing is good for your health sometimes ha ha.