Written by polytunnel

26 Mar 2008

I had the job of recruiting tenants for pubs and I came across a couple from Cambridgeshire. I went to their home to interview them and met a lovely middle aged couple, Alan & Sue. We went through the first stage of interview and Sue was quiet forward, displaying part of a beautiful chest. Alan went to make a cup of tea leaving Sue and myself in the room together. Through small talk she made it clear that they liked to have "fun" either together or seperately. I pointed out that I was there in a professional nature only, besides I was married. After having a cup of tea I left saying I would be in touch when a suitable pub was available.

After a couple of months a pub came to the market and I phoned Alan & Sue giving them the details and arranged a viewing. They viewed the pub and said they wanted it. I made a further appointment to see them and turned up at their house again to go through the details. When I got to the house, I was greeted by Sue who told me Alan had gone to work but would be back later. We sat in the lounge and talked, with Sue edging nearer to me, she leaned over to tempt me with a kiss and I retuned to invitation. Our tongues intertwined and my hands strayed to feel her breasts through her blouse. As we kissed, I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it and unclipped her bra. She had the best pair of tits I had seen in ages with huge nipples. I bent my head and licked and sucked, as she gave a whimper. My hand began to roam again towards her knee and slowly under her skirt and up towards her pussy. She eased her legs apart just as I reached her stocking tops and that warm feeling of flesh. I eased a finger into her moist fanny, nticing that she was completely shaven. Sue stood up removing her skirt and knickers and fell to the floor undoing my zip taking out my now throbbing cock. She bobbed her head and took the entire length into her mouth. I took my shirt off and we both slid to the floor, spinning round to a 69 position. as I licked and sucked her fanny she slid so that her arse was now over my lips and I began to rim her. as I was doing this she eased a finger into my arse as she sucked my cock. I felt my load starting to move and pulled away from her mouth turned and eased my cock into her now waiting fanny. I rode her for all I was worth as she swore and shouted for me to fuck her harder and harder. She hen turned over and I took her doggy fashion and as I fucked her I slapped her arse as hard as I could. She screamed that she was cumming just as I began to cum shooting a load into her. We both relaxed and she wen down to lick and suck me again, as I got hard she wanted me to fuck her arse. I started to give her what she wanted, not noticing that he door had opened and in walked Alan. I was taken aback with shock, but he smiled and invited me to carry on. As I continued to fuck Sues arse Alan was now behined me, cock in hand and trying to enter my arse. I had never done hat before and tried to resist. At this Alan got up and got some jelly and greased my arse easing a finger into me before pushing his cock into me. Now I was shagging Sue whilst her husband fucked me. After a short time we all came together.

As we lay together Sue and Alan smiled and admitted they had planned the whole event and would eant repeat performances in the future, whether or not they got the pub

Some 6 weeks later they moved into the pub and thats when our adventures got even better, introducing my wife to the couple. Shall tell you later.