Written by John

3 Dec 2007

Hi i\\\\\\\'m John and my wife is Jane, she is 28 years old and has a great size 14 figure. I have always fantasised about Jane flashing her shaven fanny and tits in front of complete strangers, Jane also shared this fantasy but only after several drinks would she admit to it....

We had decided for Janes birthday we would go away for a city break, what Jane didnt know was i had secretly removed all her underwear and trousers from our suit case and replced them with her slutty skirts and knee high boots. When we got to the hotel and Jane unpacked and when she found out what i had done she pretended she wasnt happy but i could see by the look on her face she was up for it.

When we went to the hotel bar Jane was really concious of the fact that her fanny was exposed and her rock hard nipples were sticking through her top but after a few drinks Jane became more relaxed and willing...so we decide to catch a bus into town. We got on the bus and sat down opposite the driver right at the front, a few stops later i noticed 2 lads waiting to get on the bus so i whispered to jane to put your head on my shoulder and pretend to sleep and open your legs. I was shocked that she did this with no hesitation at all!!

Whilst the guys were paying the driver one of them noticed and duly nudged his mate to look, with out a care they just stared for around 20 seconds which made me rock hard. When we got of the bus in town they also got of the bus and followed us into the bar and every bar we went in for the next 2 hours. Clearly they were as turned on by the experience as us so we went over them to chat, i asked them would be willing to pose for a few photographs with Jane while she is exposed to which they duly agreed.

Over the course of the night the 2 guys would lift her skirt and open her legs for me to photo, it started off discreetly bt by the end of the night they were doing it by the bar, in the street, basically where many people could see, my cock was aching and i wanted to get her home to fuck her. We called a taxi and again the 2 guys followed us in saying they were going in the same direction. Jane sat between them opposite from me then she raised her legs over the 2 guys and started to stroke herself, both guys looked at me and moved their hands down to Janes fanny and began to finger her, within minutes Jane was completely naked and had a cock in both her mouth and her fanny. It wasnt long before jane had cum all over her arse and tits, i\\\\\\\'ve never seen a smile on her face so big!

We got back to the hotel and we had the best sex ever and the photos are a reminder of a great day we had.