Written by Karen x

5 May 2017

Was out with my new boyfriend having a great day we went to the funfare and did some stuff then back to his parents house who were away on holiday, we had a few beers or so, and got adventurious, he asked me how far I would go.... I was not sure anyway he asked if he could tie me up, I was up for it then he said lets go the garage, we walked in and he turned the lights off and a torch on , he took my top off and stood me against the wall, lifted my arms and tied a rope around my wrists. He grabbed my nipps and pulled really hard , God I wanted to squirt. He then pulled down my skirt and licked me , he grabbed my ankles pulled my legs apart and tied them wide apart. I was scared at this point because what he did was a bit of rope between my lips and past my bottom really tight, he gave a tug which really hurt but also I enjoyed. He kept pulling the rope tighter which made me squirt time and time again. He stopped pulling and I fealt a warth all over, I guess he squirted on me . He rubbed his squirt all over me then untied me , I dressed and went home it was a very scarey evening.......