Written by Wizzard-man

8 Aug 2007

I arranged to meet my lover yestarday so we could walk down the naturist beach and get some sun and have a picnic. Now, naturist beach (as it says on the wonky sign on the way down the cliff) is a euphamism for gay beach really, though many other people use it, but as we arrived it was clear that "F" was the only woman there that day.

We wandered along the beach until we found a small area that was between two promentaries, easily visible from the waters edge but not if people looked along the beach from where they would be sitting.

We had a glass of wine, stripped off and wandered down to the sea. I thought that it would be too cold and would make me shrivel up but thankfully it was reasonably warm and we plunged in. F came and cuddled me in the water and the softness of her oily body against mine started to make me stir.

As we mucked about in the water I felt her legs wrap around my waist and so I thought, why not? And in front of about 10 guys dotted along the beach, watching to a greater or lesser extent (I suspect they'd have prefered me to her actually!) my cock slid in to her pussy and we made love in the water. The salty sea supported her weight easily and she could lie back, me holding only onto her hips, and enjoy being fucked whilst weightless.

As the swell began to get the better of us we decided to go back up the beach and finish the job on dry land. So, with my cock swollen but no longer hard, we walked back up the beach under the gaze of a few guys. I have to admit to feeling quite proud of my large engorged cock as it swung between my legs - I even started to wonder if any of the guys would like some. But they were respectful of "F" I guess and we were never really approached.

As we lay in the sun again, the warm rays soaking into our bodies, she leant over and started to wank me, then suck my cock until I became hard again. Then, as a couple of guys wandered by or lay on the beach watching surreptitiously, she knelt up, straddled me and lowered herself onto my hard cock. I lay there, sitting up with my weight on my elbows as she rode me and, as I looked at two guys watching us, we both came to a shuddering climax. I shot all my cum into her pussy and after a few moments, she lifted herself off me, laid back and drank some more wine as any passer-by who cared to look, was able to see my cum slipping from her engorged cunt.

In my fantasy I'd love it if a really good looking guy were to have come up and joined the contents of his balls with the contents of mine inside her, but that was to remain a fantasy. Nevertheless, the reality was a new experience for both of us - it could become an addiction!