Written by john

5 Feb 2010

I have posted a couple of stories on here that have happened to us over a few years they have all been when we have been on the beach on holiday and i have seen guys watching the wife sunbath naked and i have loved it.

This was completely different we were driving home from a party and was busting for the toilet so stopped off at this car park and was just going to go at the side of the car but saw there was a toilet there, I went in and was standing there reading what was on the wall and it got me all horny as it was about a guys wife being watched as she went to the toilet there.

I was wondering how someone cold have watched her and went over to see what they meant there were three compartments and there were holes in both sides of the one in the middle I thought how can I get the wife to go into the toilet when it was a mans one so I could go into the one next to it and look through and see her with her pants down.

I went out to the car and she asked me why I was so long that she was needing now and had went round to the female toilet and it was closed I thought yes here was my chance I told her nobody is around just go into the mens and I will keep watch and if anyone comes i will tell her to stay in there till they go and she can come out then.

she said ok and i went in to show her it was empty and said ok come in and led her to the middle one I was shaking she had just got in when i went into the one next to it and was looking through the hole as she pulled her pants down I was rubbing myself when I heard a car door closing and shouted someone is coming and to stay there.

I could hear someone come in and I was still looking at my wife sitting there with her pants down when i heard the door to the next cubical close I kept quiet and was looking just as the guy pushed his cock through the hole I saw my wife bite her lip and kept staring at it then her hand went under her skirt I couldn't believe it I puled my cock out and pushed my cock through the other side to see what she would do then after a few minutes I felt her hand grab hold of my cock and she started to wank me all I could think of was she wanking the other guy as well it was driving me mad I pulled away so I could bend down and look through and there she was wanking this stranger off and had both her tits out and her nipples were as hard rocks just then he shouted harder you bitch and

his cum shot all over her tits she cept milking his cock till all his cum had stopped and he was soft she let go I herd him say rub my cum over your tits and I new he was looking through the hole like i was so I pushed my cock back through and could hear him say there is more cock for you suck him and he will cum for you like I did bitch she got hold of my cock and i felt her mouth on me I took about 4 seconds and was cumming like mad he was saying dont loose all his cum swallow it and i could feel her sucking and swallowing she didn't swallow my cum before and here she was doing it when told by a stranger.

i waited a few minutes and opened the door and went out and told wife to stay there till i check outside when I went out the guy was sitting in his car and said she is the horniest bitch ever and wish he had shagged her instead of letting her wank him off and said you were lucky you got a BJ much better and drove away i went back inside and told her it was ok to come out now she came out and her dress was still open and she look so horny and said sorry and that she didn't know what came over her i told her,

It was the horniest thing i had seen and i loved it and that I wanted to fuck her right now she said no not here someone else might come in I pushed her back into the cubical and told her i didn't care and that the guy she had just gave a hand job to had told me that he had wished he had shagged you she was so wet when I pulled her pants back down it got me hard again and i pulled her dress over her head and and she was standing there in just her bra with her pants down i turned her round and was thinking how I wished she had let the guy put his cock into her and let him fuck her through the hole.

I was hoping that someone would come in and hear her moaning and maybe put his cock through and I would get her to let him fuck her I came again when I heard her cumming and her legs started to give way I got her dressed and into the car just as a truck came into the car park and told her next time she can go into the toilet herself when there is someone in there and see what they do.

I will keep you posted if it ever happens she was a bit ashamed the next day and didn't want to speak about it and said that I should not have let it happen.

happy husband