Written by Annie

31 Dec 2011

What an odd xmass we've had this year, unexpected massage fun which i told you about, half the family were down with flu so we didn't spend xmass as planned, hence we stayed at home.

I bought paul a new lens for camera, you'd gulp at the price, i know i did when i bought it even if Paul will at the end of the month end up paying for it.

Wednesday night after hinting about wanting to do another shoot ever since he opened his lens on xmass morning, Paul phoned Andy, a guy who's posed with me before, to see if he fancied a repeat, but Andy was busy, likewise Sid who i worked with, i did tell him people were too busy this time of year, but he were'nt deterred and decided that on Thursday morning we'll drive up to a spa we've heard about nr Birmingham.

A 3 hour drive and visiting an unknown spa, not how i thought we'd spend the holiday and i knew with no chance of using his camera, once we got there Paul wouldn't be a happy bunny either, but after checking they were open and we could get a room at a near by inn, we set off after breakfast on Thursday morning.

It took us ages to find the place as the entrance was tucked away in the corner of a car park, not a good start for my short tempered driver,lol.

Wow, on entering the spa, i knew we'd like it, Friendly staff, spotlessly clean and 5 hello's good afternoons before we'd even been shown to the locker room.

Although its a spa/swing club, it was so laid back and you didnt feel you were expected to do anything you didn't want.

We went up and down the levels and enjoyed all the facilities from the 2 hot tubs to the cinema.

I was immediately put at ease because the guy's were so respectful.

Talking to one guy in the tub he told us that No meant No, and NO 2nd chances were given to pests who bother the ladies.

Feeling totally at ease i wondered about on my own.

I enjoyed having my bum and boobs rubbed as i looked through a window into the couples only room. I was chatted up but declined 1 guy's offer as i watched 2 threesomes in a play room and enjoyed watching a film in the cinema. A guy asked if it was ok to sit next to me and watch the film, and after a few minutes asked if he could touch me as we watched the film. I actually liked him and accepted.

It was as i lay watching the film and enjoying my rub from him that i noticed Paul watching me from the doorway. Danny who was rubbing me began to suck on my nipples and his hand found its way between my legs.

Closing my eyes i shuffled down the platform a bit and opened my legs slightly. this not only allowed Danny easier access, but it also gave Paul a better view.

Danny kissed his way down from my boobs to my fanny and after moving between my legs he began to eat me.

After a while he moved so he was kneeling beside me and continued to massage me from boobs to fanny.

I reached out and began to wank him, needless to say he was dripping with pre come and asked if i'd like to give him head? I declined saying i'd rather not at that moment. He then asked if he could fuck me and again i declined saying i was happy as i was for the moment.

I don't know why i declined, but Danny took no offence and continued to rub me for some time until i informed him that i had to get a drink.

Paul followed me down the stairs to the bar and was full of questions as we had a coffee.

Following our drink we went into one of the tubs, Paul sat down first leaving me a place beside a hunky black guy.

As we all sat talking i expected the black guy to brush against me in some way but he didn't and after a few minutes he left with the guy sitting next to him?

Within seconds their places were taken by Danny and another guy.

Within minutes of sitting down he placed his hand upon my knee.

As i remained seated where i was and didn't move either my leg or his hand away, he ran it slowly up my body until in open view of everyone in the tub he began to caress my boob, paying particular attention to my nipple.

Paul pretending not to notice, had moved slightly to get a better view.

Leaning forward Danny kissed me, firstly on the lips, then on the nipple.

Sliding his hand beneath my bum he eased me onto his lap.

Public play was new to us and i was so turned on, everyone in the tub could now see him cupping and needing my breasts, although exciting, it also seemed so natural as nobody was staring or making me feel uncomfortable.

Beneath my bum i could feel his hard dick pressing into my back.

His mate, a well built black guy named Bim introduced himself and began to touch one boob whilst Danny concentrated on the other.

As i wriggled about on his knee he pushed me down slightly so i was floating with just my bum perched on his knee-caps.

He then began kissing me behind the ear and neck whilst tweaking my nipples, bim had transferred his attention to my exposed fanny and soon had two fingers gently easing their way inside me.

Despite being in the water, i could tell how wet i was by the ease which his fingers slid inside me.

Whispering in my ear Danny said, can i fuck you now?

Brushing Bim's hand away I eased myself up into a sitting position, then stood up.

I turned, looked Danny in the eye, then moving forward i straddled his thighs.

After a few adjustments i guided him inside me, then lent forward so he could suck on my nipples.

Whilst he fucked me, Bim began to touch my bum and within minutes had a finger inserted inside me.

I know i came a few times before Danny asked if we'd all be more comfy upstairs?

I was quite comfortable but weren't sure about the rules regarding the tub, plus i knew Paul couldn't see anything, so said yes.

Looking at Paul, Danny said, if its ok with you, should we all move upstairs?

Paul trying to sound cool said, yah might be a bit better.

Danny followed me up the stairs to the play room and was rubbing his hand over my bum all the way.

We settled in the play room and soon found ourselves entwined, Me on my back Bim kneeling beside me rubbing and sucking on my nipples, whilst Danny was positioned between my thighs and after playing with me using his fingers, he slipped a condom on and eased himself inside me.

I asked where paul was and Bim said he didn't come in and was watching us from the doorway.

As Danny varied his strokes inside me, bim moved up so his dick was beside my head.

I KNOW THIS SOUND HORRIBLE, but on seeing his dick i felt a bit disappointed.

I've heard so many stories about black guys being rigged like donkey's, yet his was as average as they come, about 6" long and of average thickness.

I soon forgot the disappointment and began to suck him.

He was gentle and allowed me to take him as deep as i wanted.

Danny's pace had quickened and we shuddered and cried aloud as we came at the same time.

As he thanked me and eased himself from between my thighs, Bimbo asked if it was ok to swap places?

Please, was the only answer i could muster.

Now i now why they all carried their wash-bags with them, as i watched Bim unzip his and got a condom out.

He was soon pumping away for Britain and what he lacked in size he more than made up for in stamina.

My god he had me doggy, on my back, missionary and like two pair's of scissors.

he asked if i was into anal but i declined.

After countless orgasms i was just about exhausted as i felt him tense up, pulled himself from me, whipped off the condom and came all over my bum.

I kissed them goodbye, had a shower and made my way down to the Bar where i met Paul, who'd gone ahead to order our snacks and drinks.

Later that evening i chose another guy to play with.

On the way back to the hotel and for a good hour afterwards, likewise during breakfast and the drive home Paul was beside himself with happiness, questions and asking when i thought we'd go up again?

Seeing how happy he was and hearing for the hundredth time what brilliant fun we'd had, i couldn't help but think what a waste of money the lens was!