Written by Daveboy

7 Mar 2012

How far can you push a situation?

I have been married to Jenny for 10 years now, Jenny is late thirties, 5’6”, trim, nice arse and 34d breasts, with Blonde hair, (Jenny that is, not her breasts), Jenny had always been a very conservative woman, once a week with the lights off and under the covers. It all started about 6 months ago, Jenny had a car crash, and had lengthy treatment with many drugs, the pain didn’t really subside and she tried many alternative treatments, you know the herbal stuff, we discussed hypno therapy, but were advised there could be side affects, ie parts of your brain being unlocked, new to me, any way I thought it a load of bollocks, and if it helped then she should try it.

Fast forward before you all get bored. The therapy worked, but slowly Jenny changed, it became twice, three four times a week, she wanted it downstairs, on the stairs, lights on, it got to a point where I was beginning to get worn out, I laughingly suggested that we get some help in!!!! Jenny said what do you mean? I replied that I may no longer be enough for her. Fast forward again to stop you nodding off. We had decided one night to see how far you could stretch a situation, we decided that Jenny should go out alone, but to our favourite pub, she would dress differently and see what reaction she got, and / or see if she was recognised, Jenny was game, we went shopping and the night in question, Jenny went and changed…..when she came down….wow! she had dyed her hair red, (one of those wash out dyes, she had on a leather mini, thong, knee length boots, with 4” heels, low cut top, and a push up bra, topped with plenty of make up and a pair of dark glasses.

I dropped her off at the pub at about 8pm on a Saturday night and went home to wait, by 1030 she was back, lipstick smeared, cum round her mouth and in her hair, she raised her skirt, and her panties were coated in cum.

Had fun I see, I said, go on then what happened? Not now she replied and shot upstairs, 20 mins later she was back, showered changed and looking like the usual Jenny, lets go back to the pub, she said, we made just before last knockings, I got some drinks, there were plenty of people we knew, Matt came across, “Hi Dave, Jen, you missed a right sight earlier” why’s that Matt? “theis bird was in, fucking scorcher she was, well up for it” I laughed, “she was playing pool, could see straight up her skirt, an everything” turn you on did she Matt? “And then some, she went outside with six of us, me, Jim, Monkey, Tom, Two bob, and Nesbitt, fucked the arse off her we did……oh sorry Jen no offence” never mind me Jen said, really go did she Matt? I’ll say fucked and sucked like a pro” who was she I asked, “dunno, nebver seen her before.

When we left Jen was laughing like a drain, “never knew it was me did they?” No not a clue.

When we got home I had a go as well………

Gotta think of something to top that