Written by Sidney

8 Dec 2009

WE have been married for almost five years and we often fantasise about involving others to help me make a fuss of my beatiful wife. She is 38 and a size 12 with a nice figure with all the bits in the right places. Our fantasies usually have me setting the rules and directing affairs and always starts by me fucking her and always ends with me finishing off the fantasy by fucking her again after her illicit activities with other men and occasionally also a woman.

It was some time since Mandy had a night out with friends and when an evening out was suggested recently she accepted and really looked forward to enjoying a carefree evening out. She asked if I minded, I said it was ok by me as long as I set a few ground rules. They arranged to meet at a nearby hotel at 8pm.

Mandy bought a new dress in which she looked stunning. I helped her get ready, this involved bathing her, ensuring she was clean shaven down below and selecting her classy sexy underwear. Just before she left I told her what I expected of her. She could have as much fun as she wanted but was not to allow anyone to fuck her. Upon her return I would be in bed waiting for her to tell me of her escapades. I would then decide an appropriate punishment depending on how naughty she had been.

She arrived home around 1am and came straight to bed to tell me of her evening. After enjoying a nice meal the girls retired to the bar. Mandy was a little tipsy and went off to the ladies to freshen up before going to the bar. When she got there the girls had already bought a drink and were sitting at a table at the far end of the bar. The bar was dark and very busy/crowded. Mandy stood at the bar and waited to be served and spotted two guys who were being served by a hunky barman, looking at her. When she looked directly at them they smiled and offered to buy her a drink to save her waiting to be served. They seemed nice enough so Mandy accepted and they came over to speak to her. Apparently Mike and Eric were in town for a conference and staying at the hotel. Mike was tall and quite athletic looking whilst Eric was average height and stocky, both looked around 30. One drink led to another and Mike suggested they sit at a table in a secluded alcove. They sat on a curved bench seat with Mandy in the middle. Apparently Mike and Eric were best friends and had known each other from school and shared everything whenever possible. Mike placed his hand on Mandy's right leg and started stroking her thigh, gradually working his way up to Mandy's honeypot. Eric was doing the same on her other thigh. It wasn't long before they were both fingering the lips which I had earlier ensured were as smooth as silk. They were both good kissers and with this dual attention Mandy climaxed. She was now sopping and gagging for further satisfaction however, at that point, she remembered my rules and stopped to explain that she could not be fucked but would oblige anything else they wanted. With this, Eric told Mandy to unzip them and get their cocks out. Mike's cock was about 8 inches slim and veiny but Eric's was at least 9 inches and very thick. Mandy was in heaven, the alcove was sufficiently tucked away to afford privacy so Mandy did as she was bid and then proceeded to give each of them a blow job (lucky buggers, Mandy loves to deep throat). Apparently there was an endless stream of cum which she gobbled down. When Mandy sat up she was startled to see the barman who had come over to collect the empties. Mandy was embarrased and the barman just walked off without saying a word. The guys begged Mandy to go up to their room, but Mandy declined and explained I was at home waiting for her. They thanked her and gave her a business card with their numbers and asked for Mandy's in return which she declined. She left the bar and made her way to the cloakroom to collect her coat. There was no sign of the hat check girl and at that point the barman turned up and said that the hat check girl finished at midnight but he would sort it out. He couldn't find Mandy's coat so with a sexy grin asked her to come into the large cupboard and help him find it. Mandy thought what the heck, in for a penny .... etc. He gave her a passionate french kiss and then hiked her dress up, bent her over, pulled her silk knickers to one side and started fucking her. Mand stopped and told him of my rules to which he replied "well just tell him you were a naughty pussycat and couldn't resist a 10inch cock". He gave her one of the best fuckings she had ever had and she came home with her fanny dripping with his cream.

By the time Mandy finished telling me her story I couldn't wait to lick her clean and then fuck the arse off her, all the while telling her she was a naughty pussycat who had to be punished for her sins. Her punishment lasted all night!!!