Written by Jason

18 Feb 2009

Yes, it's true. About 4 years back...just after the August bank holiday, was returning some deck chairs and awnings to a friend. Colin was out at work, but wife Myra at home, expecting my delivery.

The awnings went into the garage; the chairs in the shed. Taking the last of these and stacking them, Myra followed me in...undid her top, leaving a lovely push-up bra exposed, and cuddled-up....wow..what is going on? Totally unexpected, a nubile randy woman...no problem, paid homage to her tits, undid the bra, caressed her botty. What did she do? Pulled down my shorts, pants, grabbed my cock, started wanking it like mad, rock-hard in no time.

'Come indoors' she gasped...pulled up pants and shorts, followed her indoors, - kit off (all of it...we were totally naked) then she laid on the bare kitchen tiles and pulled me down on top of her...I was barely in her very moist fanny when she rolled us both over and started to ride me like a demon....I came within about 30 seconds, and kept cumming....she did'nt let up, my poor old todger slipping out at the end of it's useful life....just as I though I had failed her she fell forward with a huge sigh, calling me her 'gorgeous man' before getting up, getting dressed, as though nothing had happened. I wanted to kiss her, but no, fun over, kit back on, peck goodbye and out to the car.

I am still amazed. We have never had any sexual contact since, and it is as though our frenzy on the kitchen floor never happened. But what a memory.....!!!