Written by Cockspur

22 Mar 2014

I told you last July about my wife Rachel being gang banged at the local rugby club when she did bar duty work, See Rugby Club Bar July 2013, and how she gets a regular fuck from the old captain Bob when I'm away at nights for work.

Well this is the latest story from her as told in her own words and of how we got into a swinging private party with her best friend and husband and his brother and wife.

Rachel went off to see her old friend from school days Sue for a chat and coffee one evening, Sue is now married to Dave and up to now we've always known them as a quiet couple with no mention of playing away from each other.

Rachel arrived at Sue's to be met by Dave and told Sue had gone over to her mothers for the evening, but come in for a minute,which she did and was met by Dave's brother Tony who said they were about to go down the local pub for a drink but Rachel was welcomed to join with them, and gave a big smile.

We've met Tony and his wife Jan before but only at parties like BBQs at Sue and Dave's and apart from general chit chat never thought any more.

Well this is Rachel's story of that evening, She went to the pub with Dave and Tony with the intention of just having a glass of wine and leaving them to it.

They were in the pub and chatting away when the talk started to get suggestive mainly from Tony, and Rachel being her usual self gave back what she got in suggestive remarks, Tony moved to stand next to her and soon started to touch her thigh and found she gave no resistance, well they had a couple more drinks and the talk got heavier and soon Tony sugested they go back to Dave's and have a bottle open there, Rachel said why not and went with them.

Back at Dave's house they went into the lounge and Dave went to get a bottle of wine from the kitchen and glasses.

Rachel sat down on the centre seat of the sofa and the boys stood around pouring her a glass of wine.

This situation went on for a while when Rachel said are you two going to sit down and join me on the sofa, they took their places either side of her.

More talking and banter went on but Tony started to run his hand along her thigh again and found she didn't object, Dave was more held back and just laughed at Tony's comments,

It was'nt long before Rachel said if you can do that so can I and started to stroke Tony's leg with one hand and Dave's with her other, much to the surprise of both boys.

Tony's hands now started to explore more of her and ran a finger up and down her back then coming round to brush across her tits, she didn't stop him and the boys looked at each other, Dave now started to run his hand on the inside of her leg as Tony undid a few buttons of her blouse.

Its taken you two long enough she said to their surprise and moved her hands to each of their cruches, Tony now went in her top and undid all her buttons on her blouse to reveal her bra and tits, soon he undid ther clip on her bra to reveal her tits to both of them.

Next Tony was in and running his tongue over her tits and sucking her nipples to which she gave a 'Oh Yes', now Dave being a little more cautious as this was his wife's best friend he'd known for years, started to explore up her skirt to which Rachel reached round to loosen the zip and let him pull the skirt down.

She was soon removed of her clothes and said what about you two then, I've been feeling some nice bulges in your trousers let me see what you've got.

They soon had their kits off to which Rachel was quite surprised at their sizes and gave an admiring look.

Now Dave started to stroke her inside thighs and brushing a finger over the lips of her moist cunt as she took each of their cocks in her hands,

Tony was getting more into playing with her tits and sucking them hard as he then positioned himself for her to suck his cock, which she did with no hesitation.

Dave was now exploring her cunt more with his fingers and finding she was getting very wet, he was soon pushing her legs apart and getting his tongue in where the fingers had been and licking her clit.

Rachel was now getting very hot and worked up sucking harder on Tony's cock as Dave was getting his tongue well into her cunt.

This went on for a short while and Rachel could feel her first orgasm starting, she then pulled off Tony's cock and said to Dave give me your cock I want fucking now and went back to sucking Tony, Dave was in between her legs in a flash and had his cock going nicely up her cunt and into a steady rythum fucking her as she requested, She soon started sucking Tony harder in and out of her mouth on his cock as Tony was now getting very worked up, She did a quick pull out to shout fuck me fuck me harder Dave, it was'nt long before Dave was fucking as hard as he could and soon she felt his cock stiffen and then shooting his spunk up her cunt by the bucket load soon to be followed by Tony shooting his load in her mouth and over her tits.

Both guys now pulled out and collapsed to see Rachel coverd in Tony's spunk and dribbling from her mouth while her cunt had Dave's trickling out.

Rachel reached out and said we're not stopping here and reahed for their cocks and started to wank and lick each in turn till they started to get hard again.

She ran her tongue up and down their full lengths and round their balls till they were both nice and hard.

Your turn now Tony give me a good fucking and shoot your spunk up my cunt, I want both your spunks up my cunt and Dave let me suck you off so I can swallow your spunk.

She was soon being fucked at both ends, Tony between her legs driving his cock deep into her cunt, slowly pulling out and then ramming straight up the full length to her delights as Dave was face fucking her, Rachel was by now past any care and was soon having her second and third orgasm of the night followed by Dave filling her mouth with his spunk to which she showed him that she had swallowed it all. Not long after Tony stiffened up and then shot his load of spunk up her cunt to her squeals of joy.

They continued for a while longer massaging their spunk into her tits where they had shot their loads over her to Rachels delight, till Dave said Sue would be back soon and they had better clean up.

Well Rachel came home to tell me of her night of pleasure with both Dave and Tony, and let me finger her sopping wet cunt full of both their spunks as she sucked me off.

Not long after Rachel and I were invited by Sue to and evening at their house along with Tony and his wife Jan, we soon found out that evening that Dave and Sue along with Tony and Jan had frequent nights where they swapped partners and we were invited to join in, I have to admit all the years I've known Sue and Dave I've always fancied her but tought it was definatley no touch.

These nights became a regular thing with one rule, You Can't fuck you own partner, but as I was fucking both Sue and Jan who was to object, these nights are another story which I think you would like to join in with, I might tell one day.