Written by Rach and Rich

15 Dec 2007

Before I start the reason this story is in the fact cat is no joke!It was our first time we were brave enough to take our fantasy a step further..I have always had a mad urge to see Rach,my partner of 8yrs fuck another man..I openly talked about it for years but rach would always laugh or make a joke,changing the subject.Until one night,after coming home from a club,both a little drunk and both very horny,We sat chatting,i told her how turned on i was watching her on the dance floor, guys brushing up against her,she told me there one guy inparticular who kept rubbing his bulge against her,I jokingly told her she should of done something about it..I was shocked when Rach,quipped maybe i will next time,as soon as she said that,my cock shot up bursting threw my trousers,Rach didn\'t need asking twice she knew she was driving me crazy,she undid my zip releasing my meat,she started telling what she would have done with another cock,while sucking me to high heaven and playing with herself,it didn\'t take long before i shot my load all down her dress..Now Rach knew i was serious,we did alot of talking about it and finally we decided how it was going to happen..I already knew somebody who fitted the bill,he was a friend we both knew him,he was attached but not getting on with her,and best of all he had a reputation for having a more than an average cock,DonkeyDick a couple of girls called him,After abit of incouragement Rach agreed to let me try and arrange it..I rang steve and agreeded to meet up on the friday night in our local..I was all set on going on my own when rach told me she coming out for a quick drink but not staying long,she was suppose to be going to work the next day and did\'nt want a late night..She told me i wasn\'t aloud to mention our agrrangement until she had left for home,to which i agreed..when we arrived at the pub,steve was already there sitting chatting to group of lads,we got our drinks and sat down in the corner opposite,Now i have to tell you Rach is one sexy lady,she\'s a small frame with curves and cracking pair of 34dd boobs,she craves attention and is outrageously flirty she was wearing jeans and a black low cut top plenty of clevage on display..steve together with the lads couldn\'t stop staring at her,it didn\'t take steve long to come over and sat down,we chatted about differents things, until rach finished her drink and stood up,your not going steve said,have another drink.i\'ll get his said,Rach argued about being late but soon gave in.While steve stood at the bar,I asked Rach how long she was planning to stay,Don\'t know she smiled,I knew then this could actually happen..As the drinks started to flow,rach and steve got more and more flirty he kept touching her,first her arm then under the table rubbing her leg,I was watching everything,I had come to the pub to ask to a friend to fuck Rach,and it was already happening in front of me..Since talking to rach i\'ve realised she had alot to do with it ANYWAY!!It was nearly closing time the curtain closed the lights had been dimmed,the talk started getting really horny, steve drunk enough to just ask if he can feel rach\'s tits,That was it i just said it,Steve have you ever had a threesum,once was his reply,,why said steve,Rach loooked at me,because if your up for it you could come home with me and rach,steve looked puzzled Iam not joking i said,Rach told me to get one last drink from the bar,as i stood waiting i turned to see rach whispering in steve\'s ear and then both of them giggling,i returned to the table where steve was eager to order a taxi,we were kicked out of the pub,it was freezing cold so rach cuddled up to me,where do you want me steve joked,banging up behind her..soon the taxi arrived and i jumped in the front,before we had even gone a mile up the road, there small groans coming from the back,even the taxi driver was watching through his mirror,i turned my head round to see steve and rach kissing heavily,just what i wanted,i had to restrain myself,my knob was bulging..We finally got home,we all ran into the house it was so cold,putting the fire on in the front room,Rach had gone into the kitchen,i told steve what we had planned earlier in night,he told me just to keep it quiet.Yeah like iam going to scream it from the rooftops i joked.Rach came in and sat on the arm of the chair next to me,why don\'t you carry on where you left off in the taxi i suggested,steve leaned over taking rach by surprise, he pulled her on top him and began kissing her all over,rachs top soon came off her fantastic tits on display,steve loved them licking them playfully biting them,Rach was grinding her hips rubbing against steves bulge.Utter heaven thats where i was watching this happening,Rach worked her way down,biting his manhood through his jeans,he stood up to release a massive dick,rach actually gasped,he sat back down cock raised,rach got hold of it and began taking as much in her mouth as possible,her heading bobbing up and down,steve was muttering to rach how he going to make her come so much,i threwe rach a condom,she stretched it over his monster meat before climbingon top of him, i watched as she lowered herself on to him,inch by inch his cock dissappeared,once he was in side she started grinding on his pole,by now i had released my cock,and was rubbing myself in delight..rach sat up on her feet wrapped her arms around steves neck and started slamming up and down hard,steve was groaning,he told her to slow down,spinning rach round he entered her from behind,her boobs pressed agaisnt the settee,steve started slow and got faster,slapping her arsecheek,my cock was solid by now,so i went and sat in front of rach,she grapped hold of me wanking and sucking,i wanted to come all her, i resisted and sat back down to watch one of the highlights of my life.steve stood still while rach backed into him,she was telling him to fuck harder,his rytheme got quicker,before he let out a huge groan cumming deep inside her,steve collapsed next to rach,who was still on allfours,i got up stripping all my clothes,i eased my meat into her soaking wet pussy,all warm and used, it felt sooo good,i banged my sexy little slut as hard as i could,before pulling out and shooting cum all up her back..steve stood up announcing he was going for a smoke outside,as rach sorted herself out, i kissed her and asked if she had enjoyed herself,\'yeah\' came the reply,i didn\'t think his cock was that big,didn\'t feel that big in his jeans felt good some where else though i joked,steve came back in the room ,i offered to make a drink and went into the kitchen,as i waited i walked towards the hall and hear moans,peeping in i could see rach on her back on the settee legs spread,while steve was standing over her,cock in hand slowly wanking,with no condom he kneeled and pentrated her,pushing in really deep,rach playing with her pussy told steve to fuck hard,whenever he slammed his fat cock in her she screamed harder,iam cumming rach shouted,oh yeah fuck me, steve moaning your dirty slut,he must of felt everything as rach cum everywhere,steve slowed down sliding in and out really deep,rach spread her legs in the air taking all his meat,his strokes got quicker before he pulled out,covering her chest in spunk,rach loves to rub cum allover, spreading steves seed everywhere..well thats our story hope you all enjoy!!