Written by John-cummer

4 Apr 2008

I continued shagging Tracie over many years until she met a new boyfriend who she got engaged to, our meetings then dropped off to mabe 1 a month. as her wedding approched I found out her hen night was at a local club so I made sure I was there. Tracie was very friendly and intoduced me to her mother, sister and daughter. During the evening I danced with all four of them and as Tracie got more druck she got very horny with me, during one slow dance she suggested that if I call round her flat on Saturday morning early she would show me her wedding dress and if I wanted to I could come to the evening do at the wedding, with this she gave me a wink. About half an hour later I was daceing with Tracie's sister Tina who is 37 and married with two children when her mother said they were taking Tracie home as she was now pissed, she then took Tracie home with her daughter. I continued to dance with Tina and when the slow ones started she began to get very close and then I felt her hand cup my crotch, I was already aroused and this made fully erect which she could easily feel. I started to run my hands all over her body as we danced and found she was wearing stoockings and suspenders, we then started to snog and i wispered to her would she like to go outside, this she was up for. Once outside we were all over each other and I slid my hand up her dress above the stocking tops and felt her wet knickers. She had now upzipped me and was wanking my cock and started to push it towards her fanny. I lifted her dress above her hips pulled her thong to one side and slide my 9 incher up her soaking cunt. I then proceeded to give a good seeing to before shooting my spunk deep into her aroused fanny. She told me not to worry as she was on the pill. We then pulled ourselves togother and returned to the club where we discovered that Tracie's daughter had retuned but her mother had stayed with her. There is yet another story from this hen night. That to follow