Written by John -cummer

6 Apr 2008

When Tina and myself returned to the club after our shagging outside we found Tracie\\\'s daughter Chelly had now returned after taking Tracie home pissed. She told us they had undreased her and put her to bed. i had a couple of more dances with Tina then she said she had better get a taxi home as it was 1am and hubby would be expecting her. She knew I had been invited to the evening do and made me promise not to approch her if she was with hubby. I said why don\\\'t you go home and get him to fuck you and add a second load on top of mine. She gave my crotch a rud and left talking to Chelly on the way out. Another hour or so passed and I was thinking of leaving when Chelly came and had a chat, as the music was now show agin I asked her to dance. Now Chelly was 18 at the time and living with her boyfriend however tonight she was staying with Tracie. As we danced I could feel her snuggling up to me, this was getting me aroused, at 3.30 I decided I would leave and Chelly asked if she could share my taxi. In the back of the taxi she placed a hand on my knee and said she was horny and as Tracie was out to this world in bed would I like to come in. We went into the kitchen after Chelly had first checked on her mother and found she was fast asleep, she came over to me wrapped her arms around my neck and started snogging me, she then dropped to her knees unzipped me and started to give me a super blowjob, she was an expert and after 5 minutes I could last no longer, my balls tightened and I shot my spunk down her throat, she swollowed the lot. I now ran my hands up her legs and under her very short dress up to her knickers, I could feel these were very wet around her fanny. I sat her on the kitchen table lifting her dresss above her waist to show a white thong, I pulled this to one side and started to lick her fanny which now became even wetter. At the same time I was dropping my trousers and pants and my 9 inch cock was now ready for action again. Keeping the thong pulled aside I slide my cock slowly the full lenght into her now fully aroused cunt and started to fuck her. After a few minutes I pulled out and asked if she was on the pill which she was, I bent her over the kitchen table re-entered her from the rear doggie style and started shagging her slow to start with the speeding up until I was going like a train. I lasted about 10 minutes before my balls tightened again and I pumped my full load of fertile spunk deep into Chelly\\\'s tummy. The same cock that had serviced her mother over many yaers had now brought Chelly to climax and touched the inner depths of her cunt. Not bad for one night 18 year old daughter of my long time lover plus her sister, both full of my spunk. Wedding day next and that is even better.