Written by Raj-lisa

3 Aug 2010

well me and my partner lina are both british indians in our mid 30s lina is 5,8 and curvy i am 5,7 slim i have always had this fantasy about a old white man shagging lina hard she is very westernised and has shoulder lenth hair i always make her dress in tight jeand and high heeled boots so all the men get a good look at her in the pub we go to as they are all old people there. i got to know a old man in the sales buisness his name was ian and he was 62 years old very short and slim and was randy and well off i went to his cottage and we were chatting about lina i told him about her and came up with a plan. me and lina were sitting at home and i mentioned ian and said he was my boss and i could loose my job as they are getting rid of people and how me and her should go to his cottage and get on with him. as we were leaving to go to ians lina got her tight jeans on and stilletos and a tight top with her tits bulging out as we walked in and had a drink ian sed how stunning she was lina went up and came bak down in her stilletos thong and bra and stood in front of both of us i snogged her whilst ian stripped naked and rubbed his hard cock on her silky thong then ian took her up and shagged her for 3 hours and i kept my job lol