Written by Doc’s Son

28 Jan 2016

I was a teenager when I got friendly with a couple our family knew. The wife Julie was 40 and the husband Ralph, a few years older. I could say she seduced me but really she just cuddled me one day and asked if I would like to fuck her. I did, 3 times that afternoon. I was worried about her husband who was a big fit man. She assured me he would be ok. The next day I went there and Ralph congratulated me. I was so surprised and then we all ended up in the bedroom. I had sex twice with her and then he had her. He then asked if I could stay the night. I called home, made up a story and did.

I was there nearly every day. Sometimes the husband was there and sometimes not. One day the woman, Julie told me that my father used to fuck her also. She said it was he who suggested getting me. I had always thought that my father fucked around. He was the local doctor and we at home never knew when we would see him. He was busy but obviously fitted in other things. I found out years later that so did my mother.

What was also obvious that husband Ralph really got off when Julie took charge and directed him. I took that on as well and realised I liked it. I started suggesting things, positions, taking photos and anything I could think of. I also started telling Julie what to do. What a learning experience.

Pretty soon I was running their house and their lives.

I started to restrict Ralph’s time with us when I was there. I had him wait in another room and not watch. I would make her suck me in different parts of the house. I did not usually let her make me cum as I saved that for fucking. I slept with Julie a lot of nights and he stayed in another room.

A favourite of mine became that I would call him in after we had fucked and let him watch Julie suck and clean my cock and balls up. Then send him out again.

I arrived one afternoon and Julie looked at me sheepishly and told me that my father had called. She had not had sex with him since I had been on the scene.

He wanted her and he did. I wasted no time in having her myself. It was a strange feeling fucking a woman that my father had had a few hours before.

He and I never talked about it till years later but he did call a few times more. He was busy and had other women and only called when he felt like it. Julie told me that he asked about me and was happy with what was happening.

It was after about 6 months that I told them that Ralph was not to fuck Julie anymore. A while after that I made it that he could not see her naked anymore. Julie was not instantly comfortable with these restrictions but Ralph thrived on them. Julie then accepted them.

It was like I took over in the house and he the husband was only a lodger.

I still used to get Julie to suck me in front of Ralph. She remained covered but I made sure he saw my cock plunging in and out of her mouth. When I was close to cumming I would stop her and take her away to the bedroom to fuck her. Sometimes I would tell him to listen from outside the closed bedroom door. It was even better when I got Julie to tell him to listen.

We continued this way for the best part of 2 years and then I went to a college up north and had to spend a long time away. At first I came home as much as I could and saw Julie. I still had Ralph locked out of the bedroom.

Then when back at college I needed sex and found girls my own age and had a lot of fun. I felt sorry for Julie who was only getting fucked when I was home so I told her to find someone else or to let Ralph do her again. She chose Ralph I believe.

I did her when home on holidays and I still fucked her as much as I wanted. If I went I still played the game with Ralph and sent him to another room.

As things changed I saw less of them and then I found out they had split. They did divorce and Julie remarried. I saw her some 6 years later and we talked. I suggested we fuck again.

She would not do it, the new husband would not understand and knew nothing of her previous life.

Don’t know what happened to Ralph but I bet he misses Julie she was a keeper.