Written by Paulrcouple

31 Mar 2011

Hi we are Paul and Jane we put our stories on here every other week after we have had a bit of adult fun.

Last night we had a meet with a guy called Carl he is a businessman from London and when he comes to Manchester we meet him we see three or four times a year he is 44 and very good looking Jane is always hot for him he is very good company and polite.

We met him in the Shakespeare near to the Ramada at six Jane had stockings and suspenders on short skirt she as still got a good pair of legs no knickers Carl likes to touch her in bars and in the restaurant we find that a big turn on and it makes Jane wet and very horny.

He is married to a girl called Laura they are both in the swinging seen on another site the last two times we have meet Carl we have spoke to her on the phone she likes to ask Jane questions about Carl fucking her bit funny but a massive turn on for us all she tells us what she is up to and likes to listen to the fun. So when said we had to be back to his hotel room for midnight we thaught it was for the phone call.

Went for a meal a few drinks on Deans gate then back to the hotel he had been groping Jane all night Jane likes that especially if some one sees it.

So back to the hotel when we got into the room he had his lap top and cam coder set up we all got undressed but Jane left her stockings and suspenders on Carl phoned Laura asked her if every thing was ok she said yes so he told us to look at the lap top and say hello to Laura she was just like Jane stockings suspenders bald pussy she was beautiful we all said hello. Then she said would you like to meet my friends and another couple came into view very good looking and i would say early thirties.The girl got down on her knees and started to lick Laura she said what are you three waiting for get at it.

We watched them they watched us it was so horny when the lad had cum up Laura the girl licked it all out like i did to Jane when Carl had cum they wanted to watch Carl suck me off which he did i came on Jane's tits as well and Carl licked them clean.

We had fantastic sex for a good two hours all of us watching what was going on at the other end but we had to go home not like some weeks when we have booked in to a hotel we left Carl watching his wife Laura getting fucked by a strap doggy way as she gave the lad a blow job. He rang us this morning and said thank you for doing that for him and his wife he said when woke up his wife was getting licked out by the girl while she was getting fucked by the lad he said he got a hard on and a mans got to do what a mans got to do thanks see you next time i am up in Manchester.