Written by Antonia

28 Mar 2008

I\'m not what most people would call a sexy girl,(or at least i hadn\'t tried to be)normally in jeans or trousers,haven\'t worn skirts regularily for ages.Last summer my then partner and i bought a really run down cottage about an hour from where we were renting, he\'d gone to work and i had a day off,i\'d cleaned the flat and my wardrobe and found my favourite old ankle length cotton skirt from my teens.i\'m 30 now.I\'d just had a shower and was trying it on when the door bell went, grabbing a jumper i ran and signed for a parcel.i then had some lunch and suddenly remembered i had an appt with a chap from the council, grabbing a coat and my ankle boots i drove across to the cottage.It was a lovely afternoon with the sun pouring in through the windows, after a bit of opening post and making a coffee,plus taking off my coat, he arrived,we looked around downstairs and then upstairs, eventually going outside to discuss the extentions etc, it was only then that i remembered my lack of underwear, the breeze tickling my legs,feeling embarrased i returned indoors and put my coat back on.He left with a smile and said it was nice meeting me.I felt flustered and panicy, my heart racing, what must he have thought? what did he see? i went over the encounter,he\'d followed me around the downstairs and then up the tight cupboard staircase, he had been very close to me,nose level to me bum i remembered,i\'m tall and thin and my buttocks do shimy gently as i walk, oh my goodness, he did know! because once upstairs he\'d said what a lovely view you have, and me being gulable had gone over to the window all the time he would have seen straight throught my dress.I kept crossing my legs but of course it was all too late, i could hardly phone him and apologise or ask if he\'d seen anything could i? I drove home expecting to get a puncture and really make a day of it! but lucily i got home safely and raced upstairs for some undies.Minutes later my then partner came home and gave me a kiss and a hug,plus a gentle squeeze of my bum, \"you look very sexy today he said, did you know you can see straight through that old skirt!\" and that was in the shade.I now love wearing skirts more often, and set myself little dares,the shop the bus or train, but last weekend i bought myself a little denim skirt, and went looking for a replacement car, i even dared myself to get the sales lad to take a pic of me standing next to it and then gently leaning back on the bonnet.One chap passing said shouted \"go on show your knickers, i shouted back i can\'t i\'m not wearing any!\" of course that was when i left.Today was dress down day at work and it was cold and wet but i\'d planned my dare of wearing the skirt to work,its quite short when you sit barely two inches of denim kept the answer to all the lads unasked question safe. i can\'t believe the change in me!I\'ve not flashed anyone deliberately, but i have started to think about a trim, so i\'m sure its going to happen. xx Toni