Written by Paddy

14 May 2008

This goes back a few years, but still turns me on when I remember this shag.

I worked in an electrical store with a very pretty women called Mandy. We were both in our early twenties. Mandy had dark curly hair and a trim figure. Her uniform was a white blouse, black skirt and black court shoes. We often used to flirt even though I was in a relationship and she was newly married to a chap called Tim who worked close by and they walked home together.

On this particular day the manager was out and Mandy seemed to be flirting more than was useual. At closing time we were both behind the counter and as I squeesed behind Her she stuck her bum out so that I was brushing her as I went by. As you can guess this was getting me turned on. As i squeesed through once more she pushed her bum back trapping me against the wall, with my semi-stiff dick in the crease of her arse. Then her bum rose and fell, caressing my cock and making it hard. I ran my hands up and down her smooth legs under her skirt up to her panties.

I broke away, locked the door, dropped the electric shutters and truned th lights off. I returned to Mandy behind the counter and stood behind her. I put my arms around her waist and kissed her neck and nibbled her right ear gently. She leaned across the counte and again rubbed her pert arse up and down my stiff dick.

I undid the clasp and zip on the back of her skirt and it fell to the floor. Mandy moved her hand back and rubbed my cock through my trousers, turned her head and told me to fuck her.

I dropped my trousers, and Mandy moved her panties to one side and put a hand between her legs, her fingers opening up her labia. My cock was aching with desire to fuck this horny married woman. I offered the velvet dome of my cock up to her pussy and eased slowly in side her, her wet fuck tunnel opening up as I pushed inside her.

I held Mandy\'s hips and started to fuck her slowly at first savouring the sensation of her cunt around my big hard cock. Mandy still had her hand between her legs and was feeling my shaft between her pussy lips, my full length entering and nearly withdrawing from her. \'Now fuck me hard\' she instructed. I grabbed her tightly and began to pound her cunt as hard as I could. I really wanted to give her a good fucking. I soon couln\'t hold back and I pulled Mandy hard against me as my balls erupted. I came hard and deep inside her. Mandy was now begining to climax to and I kept my semi stiff dick inside her easing it in and out as she came hard too. My cock soon stiffened again and I continued to fuck her spunking for a second time inside her.

We went out back for a tidy up and locked the cash away. Rolled up the shutter and Tim was there waiting for his spunk filled missus. We often used to shag after that when we could get away with it at work. I wonder what she\'s up to these days? Mandy, are you reading this?