Written by laurawoods

20 Feb 2011

Hi, I'm Laura, 21 yrs....this happened to me last night after a night out with my friends. I'm 5'4" and petite but think I'm quite sexy. I get a lot of attention from men. Last night I got quite drunk and got a taxi home. I sat in the front and I was wearing a very short little dress. mY 2 were dropped off first after some sexy talk between us about the boys we had been flirting with during the night. The taxi driver was a man about 45 yrs old, overweight and was constanly looking at my smooth tanned legs. I told him where I lived and he began to drive. As we were driving he suddenly asked, "Will you be getting some when you get home?" He lokked at me and winked. I was a little shocked but thought I'd play him at his own game. No...I said, my boyfriend is away so I'll be making do with my toys tonight. He laughed and said that wasn't right and I should have a real man. Are you a real man...I asked to which he replied...Oh Yes. I just laughed, dirty old bastard I thought. He then said do you want to see....I have a big cock? I giggled and felt naughty, my bf is average size so i was curious. To my disbelief i found myself agreeing and before i knew it he was driving onto an industrial estate and pulled up in a secluded area. He wasted no time in undoing his pants and pulling them down...i could see his fat stomach under his shirt. He then pulled down his boxers and revealed a really big thick cock. It was about 8 or 9 inches but really thick and it was already standing right up. His bell end was massive. He sat grinning at me and said told you. I was just stairing when he said...come on sweetheart...wank it. Without thinking i reached over and grip it with my hand and started to work my hand up and down. His cock twitced and grew bigger and was rock hard in my hand. I knew i was being a slut but i felt so horning. i started wanking him hard and he put his head back abd started moaning with pleasure. He told me how good it felt and asked me to talk dirty while i wanked him. I was feeling horning so i found it easy..."What a fucking bug prick you've got" I said..."So much bigger than my boyfriend...such a lovely big fat cock" He was obviously loving it and was soon reaching over and putting his hand up my dress and inside my thong...he soon has a finger in my shaved fanny and started to work away. "Hmmm....are you gonna put that big meaty dick up my little tight cunt?" I asked. Fucking right I am...he replied. He then dragged me over onto him and i straddled him, struggling to get my left leg down the side of his chair. He pulled my thonh to the side and eased his big dick into me. I soon took it all and he grabbed my ass and began to thrust into me like a mad man. I reached behind and unzipped my dress and sonn had it down to my waist with my pert tits in his face. He was groaning like an animal and sucked and licked my nipples. I soon reached an orgasm and told him i was cumming. He asked me to talk dirty again so i said, "You filthy old fucker...you're making me cum on that big thick prick of yours....come on stick it up me you dirty bastard." He loved itand said he was gettng close. It then dawned on me that he wasn't wearing a rubber and i'm not on the pill. "Not in me its not safe" i said. With that he pulled it out of my pussy and pushed his big bell end against my ass hole. I've done anal with my bf a few times but never with someone with a knob as big as the taxi driver's. I can't take it i said...but he ignored me and began pushing. After a few seconds, my hole began to open and his bell end slowly entered me. It was uncomfortable but once his end was passed my rim it felt good. He groaned loudly as his dick went up my ass. He was about to come so to help him along i cotinued with the nasty talk. "Thats it you fucking dirty twat... stick it up my ass....fuck me up the shitter....fill my ass with spunk." With that he moaned loudly and really rammed his cock up my ass as far as it would go. I felt him pump his load into me and i came again. When i got off him, he had drenched me...my ass dripped with his cum and all of the gusset of my thong was soaked. I got back into the passenger seat whilst he cleaned himself up and he then took me home. The good news is he didn't cherge me for the taxi ride, but i think he got more than enough of a tip.