Written by Roadrunner

17 Feb 2009

About a month ago I recalled here about the older neighbour that had seduced me in my younger days. Last saturday I walked to the local supermarket for a few things and bumped into Ingrid the old neighbour. I think it was only about the third time I had seen her since those days. Our eyes met and we started to chat. Old feelings began to engulf me again and after a few minutes she said we should meet in the cafe for a coffee when we were finished shopping.

I paid for my things about the same time as Ingrid. As we met in the entrance to the cafe I suggested that after all the years I should repay the tea we had first time. I said that I only lived 5 minutes walk away. Ingrid said that she had driven so we set off in her car. My wife had gone to London for the day shopping so I had the house to myself.

We went into my house and I put my shopping into the fridge. I took Ingrids coat and hung it with mine in the hallway. I looked into her eyes and held her hands as she stared back at me. I gently pulled her towards me and put my arms around her as I kissed her full on her lips.

Without a word spoken I began to lead her upstairs to the bedroom. I was no longer the shy unexperienced young man who she had previously seduced. I'm now a very experienced and confident adult. I turned up the thermostat on the radiator then began to slowly undress her kissing and fondling her as I went along. Down to her bra and pants I quickly undressed myself. Itook her to the bed and removed her undies before laying her down. As I lay beside her I started to massage her body covering every inch of her back then turning her over to repeat it on her front. Slowly I began to fondle her boobs then kissed licked and sucked them all over. I trailed my tongue all the way down her tummy to her pussy area.

Easing her legs apart I started to probe her with my tongue slowly easing apart her hairs. I ran my tongue lightly along the length of her pussy easing it between her moist lips repeating several times going deeper each time. Then I started to work on her clitty flicking and licking it with varying amounts of pressure. After a while she began to go tense and tremble as she began to orgasm I felt her legs begin to grip my head as she started to groan with pleasure. I couldn't believe my luck when she actually squirted a tiny bit.

I moved up the bed and entered her in the missionary position she put her arms around my neck as I began to fuck her. Firstly slow long strokes then a mixture of fast and slow, hard and soft.

After quite some time I got off her laid her onto her side and entered her from behind. Fondling her boobs I carried on pumping into her. In this position I felt in complete control, occasionally tweaking her hard clitty which seemed to make her groan and squeal even more. After what must have been an hour at least I started to tweak her large hard nipples as I started to ram long hard strokes into her she became very loud as I pounded her relentlesly then I came powerfully into her sodden pussy.

Gasping for breath I laid there completely spent. I drew paterns on her back lightly drawing my nails over her just hard enough to leave light red trails. We lay recovering for quite a long time before wiping ourselves clean with tissues.

We eventually dressed and at long last had the cup of tea which brought all this about. We agreed we would have to do it again then swapped mobile numbers and what times of day it would be most descreet to phone.

After one last cuddle and kiss Ingrid finally left. I then tidied the bedroom and washed the bedclothes and remade the bed before my wife came home later