Written by Playtime007

8 Nov 2009

This year my fiance and i were in the south of France for the Cannes Film Festival. We've been there a few times and had some great experiences.

This year was amazing though. I had already witnessed my girlfriend going off with a guy at a party. I knew they were off to fuck, and boy did they. I met up with her afterwards, only to find her chatting to an italian guy.

To cut a brief encounter even shorter, we agreed that we'd all go back to our apartment to have some fun. The italian guy gave my girlfriend a lift but I guess that the sap was rising so much that she had to suck off his huge cock before they got there. Unbelievably he skipped off before getting down to it - he couldn't find a parking place!

Anyhow, the day before we left, we decided to have a last dinner at a little french street bistro. No sooner had we sat down than a couple sat at the adjoining table. We started chatting and soon one thing led to another and we all ended up at a beach party.

With champagne flowing, we swapped and paired off into couples. It was only then that some of my other friends asked me about my guests.

As it turned out the guy we had just met was on eof the worlds top male pornstars (I cant believe i didn't recognize him). Needless to say, not long after, my gf a her new friend soon found a little corner. When I caught up with her later she told me that they had managed to fuck a little but got caught by a security guard and had to quickly relocate.

It wasn't long before we all got it together in a quiet spot between the beach marquees. My g/f fucked and sucked like crazy until she swallowed his big load. Sadly for me my new found friend's g/f was not so liberated and sulked for a little while before finally getting into the swing of thing and sucking me off with my g/f. Wow. It all ended well though and we were lucky enough to repeat (and film) another session the next morning. Roll on 2010!!!!