Written by Skipper

15 Sep 2017

I wanted to thank Kennyboy82, Coolnight and Rockhall 1, so much for their kind words. I had written these words a little while ago and didn’t know whether to send them. I was worried that others may not understand. I was concerned readers may only see me as weak and not that we are 2 sexually charged people making sure that each other gets what the so need and want.

We weren’t always like this as I said we had to be truthful with each other and say what turned us on and what we would like. We also had to say how we felt for each other and had to commit to doing whatever it takes to satisfy the others cravings . I love her dearly and she loves me I know. If people are wondering? Yes we still have sex like we always have. I am not impotent and can pleasure her as she can me but the sex she has with our bull is top shelf compared to our married couplings.

It borders on completely animal lust. He takes her like there is no tomorrow. We are both fit and take care of our bodies but when he leaves she is exhausted. She will sleep cuddled in my arms for hours. Those are exceedingly beautiful times. I need rest as well as I will have just about rubbed my cock raw and shot cum everywhere as I have watched mesmerised by his display of black male skill and energy.

Sorry for the descriptive ramblings but one has to describe it how it really is.

My wife lusts for his visits and we know he sees other ladies as he has told us. When he tells her he can come over next we change everything to fit in.

To answer the Kennyboy82’s question, does she have other bulls? The answer is no. He made that very clear after our first meeting that if he was to have her again then it would only be him and from then on it was bareback only. The first time was with condoms and we jumped to agree. She wanted it desperately and so did I as we both knew it could only be even better.

She has had other bulls all white and has had sex with another black man a couple of years ago. He was good also but because we were travelling at the time she only saw him twice.

Now to our ages. My wife is 42 and I am 46. Our black bull says he is 33.

I hope I have answered everybody and will keep you posted again.