Written by Naughtystaffs

19 Mar 2013

Really good friends 2

Our really good friends came round last Saturday. We’d found out that J likes restraint a little so to get the party started I set up my office chair in the bedroom with handcuffs and blindfolds. Mrs N was instructed to sit in the chair and be our sex slave so that we could pleasure ourselves with her.

Soon J was between her legs lapping and licking away. G’s bulge being felt by handcuffed Mrs N. This obviously excited him and soon his bulging Bell end was poking from his pants with her greedily sucking him. G has such a lovely big bell end. Can imagine it must be heaven to a woman when it parts their piss flaps. This was to happen soon enough.

After a while J swapped the naughty chair with Mrs N and the pleasures were exchanged again. This time J pretended to be our sex slave. She seemed to enjoy the role play.

cut to the thing I really wanted to tell you all about were the hot fucking that occurred. G lay back on the bed and Mrs N straddled his rampant cock while I set to and fucked J. The bed soon jiggling and rattling as we fucked our wives and g/fess. I looked across and G and Mrs N were snogging and passionately kissing. She was grinding herself up and down on his rampant cock. His face buried in her 34D Boobs. He looked like he was in boob heaven. In the meantime I could feel the excitement building up in my own balls as I rammed away at J. I had to stop soon otherwise I was going to cum. I wanted to see G’s knob going in and out of Mrs N’s fanny so I went round for a look.

It was such a filthy side that I was overcome with lust. I felt his length to see how hard it felt and then Asked J if she wanted to seem lick his balls. She lustfully nodded so down I went. Mrs’ N cum gushing down his cock added to the lust I was feeling. I licked and lapped away.

G wanted to fuck her from behind so he got behind her in the spoon position. I lay behind J and did the same so that the girls could cuddle and fondle each other’s boobs. I could tell G’s orgasm was building so I whispered obscenities. Telling him to fuck her hard and spunk and seed her for me so that I could clean her up. After he’d filled her he pulled out. I went round to sniff and lick. Her pussy had that unmistakeable smell of cum and spunk. Her lips were all puffy and swollen and there was that different stickiness you get when they are mixed. Her fanny was all used so I poked my tongue in hoping to find what I was looking for. This made her gush all over my face. Just so much. More than I could possibly clean up.

I have to admit that was the highlight of the evening. We continued a bit longer cuddling and spooning but nothing could match that climax. Absolute heaven for me.