Written by scottish1969

15 Apr 2014

I have posted a couple of times on here about experiences my wife, Julia, age 43 and I have enjoyed and this little story is about our recent trip to Aberdeen in February.

We visited Aberdeen for a couple of nights and booked an apartment. Now the disappointing thing for me is that as we were departing Julia informed me that our timing wasn't great and that time of the month had just started so I would just have to fuck her arse, not that this is a problem to me!

Anyway went to Aberdeen and soon after checking in sure enough with the aid of some lube her arse got fucked.

Julia was still horny however and using another site we put an ad on looking for someone but explaining that we weren't doing penetration this weekend (Only I fuck her arse).

We received a reply from one guy who we shall name for this story Jim - not his real name. Jim was working a late shift somewhere (it was about 2am by this point) and was looking for fun on his way home.

He duly turned up and I answered the door and brought him thru to the living room and he sat on a couch opposite Juia and I. After some small talk I suggested to Julia it was time for her to do her thing so she got up and walked over to Jims couch ( she was wearing pants, top, nothing else) and she leaned over him and started snogging him, whilst feeling his crotch and he was running his hands over her tits.

Soon Julia slipped jims trousers down and started wanking his cock, and thereafter slid down and started sucking him off. It was great to view but Jim asked me if I was going to be involved so I came over and slipped her pants off as she sucked his cock. Soon I was rimming her lovely, slightly tender arse hole from behind as Jim got his blow job.

Julia stopped to remover her top and started giving Jim a tit wank which he seemed to really like, and as her tits were sliding up and down his cock, her arse was moving back and forward on my tongue.

Soon the tell tale sounds of blow job climax started and as Jim shot his load, Julia clamped her mouth over his cock, swallowing his every drop.

Jim got dressed thanked us and left, then we went to bed. Julia took great delight in putting her tongue right down my throat, asking if I could taste him ( I could). Soon she was turned over for another arse fucking to end the night.

It really is amazing how slutty my wife is - if you look back our stories you will see that a couple of years ago I was the only person to have fucked her, now she is well into double figures for the number of blokes that have had her since. We have had mff, mfm, mfmf and once mmmmmf which she didn't actually like.

Next time I will write about a more recent trip where she asked me to fuck her arse while she was on top of another guy riding his cock for all she was worth