Written by 1966david

19 Jul 2010

I wrote about events from 6 weeks ago previously, since then things have been frosty, however I thought I would pen again.

Although I am getting divorced I still live at home and share the same bed, that is usually as far as it goes. Since I announced I wanted a divorce she said she would change and after 20 years of marriage has obliged with teh odd blow job, previously she would never take it and moved away at the first signs of any pre-cum.

Saturday night I was lying in bed stroking myself hoping this would provoke her, I had nothing in weeks and just wanted a good fucking. We had worked hard during the day as it had been our daughters 18th Birthday and she had friends round boozing in out of the hot tub and doing what 18 year olds do including 2 full on streaks across the garden.

so there was I horny as hell stroking away, but to no avail nothing, we had been drinking and thought this would be an excuse to scratch an itch - well I was wrong nothing !

Next morning still as horny I got her to move a little closer, eventually guiding her hand down to give a helping hand on my throbing cock, she obliged and continued to wank me under the sheets. I thought that this was a green light so I enjoyed some gropping of her boobs and arse. My wife has slimmed back to a size 12/14 size since I said I wanted a divorce and her arse was much tighter now.

she continued to wank me under the sheets so let my hand stroke the front of very, now very wey, pussy. Still with her pants on I continued to massage the swollen area probing ever deeper with my fingers while she still continued to massage my cock.

We kissed deeply and then I moved down, sucking her nipples and tonguing her belly button. I pushed my hands inside her wet pants and quickly sank two fingers down to my hand. Her hole was open and saying come fill me. After finger fucking her for a while, whilst still getting stroked off I went down and burried my tongue down the hole lapping up her juices that were by now running down my face, all the time the hand on my cock was getting faster and faster.

I thought that whilst I had her in this position I would push her into a full 69, she rubbed my cock of her tits, kissed the end put that was about it.

Her pussy was so wet it was time to enter, me being on top and her guiding my cock in past the mass of hair. we grinded for a while swapping positions and moving legs, I remember turning her around and took her from behind teasing her bum hole with the end of my cock.

I remember cumming inside as well as her panting getting stronger, trying to keep quiet as the 11 yr old was next door and the other daughter and her boyfriend just across the hall. I rested burried inside to my balls before colapsing off lying side by side.

After that we got up for a shower, the wife went into the bathroom first I joined her, she hadn't locked the door, she was sat on toilet having a pee, just the right height \I said and presented my cock to her mouth, she obliged and started to suck the bell end, she complained that her mouth wasn't big enough but she really aught to watch some porn movies to get her technique right. I got an excellent view through the bathroom mirror, normally you con't see much because of head and hair but this was great, it was me and the view through the mirror showed just how much cock she was eating.

She continued to wank me whilst still in her mouth, she released from her mouth and help things along wanking to my tip toes with her still sat on he loo in front of me, I came over her tits but she didn't cvlean me off, still shot twice that morning and it was good.

Later in the day I said I was going in the tub, we had the tub some years and had sex there whenever we went in together. My wife joined me it was around 9pm and still light, I knew she was up for it again as she wore an easy removable bikini. I sat there beside her and she just felt under the water for my cock rubbing it until it was bursting out of my swimming trunks. She continued to wank me under the water so I started to feel inside of her swimming costume, the lights of the oposite houses were still lit with curtains open, who cares.

She continues stroking and worked my cock from my swimming trunks, I had slipped some fingers inside and she was clenching down on my hand trapped in a vice pussy but feeling good. I layed in different positions in the tub allowing my cock to break surface which she duley obliged by sucking the end, the sensation was fantastic, my cock end was hightened to any touch, the same sensation you get when you enter anal the wave hat came over me I could not speak just gasped with pleasure, she therefore did it again, I wanted to cum there and then burying it deep in her mouth but I didn't want the feeling to go, so I held on, this was amazing.

I turned her around and took her doggy style in the tub after a while turned her over and took her from the front, both nealing in the centre of the tub and then again over the lay back seat. It was getting dark now and the little one hadn't gone to bed so we went inside the house, wrapping the tub up for the night.

Once inside we showered separately and she got the little one off to bed and we went to our bedroom.

As we were both naked we started again, I burried my head down between her legs and she obliged with sucking my cock. Although she had just showerewd she was wet with her juice and I was lapping it up.

I remember entering her a couple of times not cumming and then go back down and lick out her hole. she was sucking cock and then I would deep kiss her again, tasting my own pre-cum again. She had got the idea now and times when I burried my cock in her pussy she would add her finger and then tyransfer teh juices to me by sticking it in my mouth, this was dirty sex and we both loved it.

We tried alsorts of positions, but I didn't try anal as I wanted to cum in her mouth, she sucked my wet cock until, bounced on me until it hurt. The sweat was pouring from me. I think she was trying to repeat the sensation on my cock that happened in the tub, the sensation that drove me wild and spun my head, she could do that last night but I am going to have a bloddy good try with her tonight - If it does I will write tomorrwo!!