Written by Mrs

9 Mar 2017

After being filled by my husband, fucked by my lover and vice versa we started to be a little cheekier. My husband had no idea I was playing around. One evening we went to the local pub. My husband got extremely drunk and I spent the whole evening texting my lover talking about all the things we wanted to do to each other. Once home he completely passed out in bed so I carried on chatting over text. My lover text how much he wanted to fuck me so I said come round then. He replied "on my way". I was shocked and excited my heart pounding as I waited for him. He turned up ten mins later and stepped into the porch. He grabbed hold of me spun me round lifted my dress and thrust his big hard throbbing cock into me. I could hear his excited breathing as he pounded my cunt listening to my husband snoring upstairs. He filled me with his cum pulled my dress down kissed me goodbye and left. Feeling rather horny I went upstairs got undressed climbed into bed and played with myself. I rubbed my clit until I came then laid there next to my husband falling asleep with my lovers cum and mine dribbling down my thighs!