Written by Colin

7 Feb 2014

After almost years of marriage, our sex life had started to wain. Like a lot of couples, when we were younger, sex was very exciting, very intense and we were always trying new things, but over the last year or so, sex had become really quite functional.

However, since just before Christmas, this has all changed and this is why.

My wife, Angela, works for a privately owned company and each year the owner invites all employees (about 300 of them) to his home for their Christmas party. Live band, food and drink are all provided and there are always tales of "messy" episodes involving various individuals.

After this years party Ang arrived home quite late and so I was in bed. I could tell she was a bit worse for where as she staggered around the room getting undressed and eventually she slid into bed said, "love you", and fell asleep.

It wasn't long before I could sense a smell in the room, no mistaking, it was the smell of sex. I moved closer to her and put my hand on her inner thigh and it was wet. Sliding my hand up towards her pussy I could feel the heat of her but as I touched her wetness she groaned and turned away from me.

My mind was racing. She was obviously very aroused but was not interested in my attention. I put this down to her being drunk and just too sleepy. So, I lay by her, cock stiff and feeling a bit frustrated.

I decided that I couldn't settle to sleep so got up. On my way out of the room I picked up her clothes to take to the laundry and got a real shock. Her panties were soaking wet. I took them to the bathroom and turned on the light. The gusset of her panties was wet, and sticky and as I brought them to my face and smelled, I realised that it was spunk!!

My legs felt like jelly and I sat on the loo seat with her knickers against my face, breathing in the scent, my heart pounding in my chest. It was obvious that she had had sex. Someone had spunked in her! I wanted to go and wake her, confront her and find out what had gone on but then I realised that I was hard. Harder than I had been in ages. My cock was literally buzzing as the blood coursed through it. I was so horny!

I sat for a while sniffing the smell of sex off her panties and began to pull on my cock before thinking "no, I need to know what went on here", and returned to bed.

I woke Ang at 6am, still hard ans still with her panties in my hand.

"Have a good night?", I asked her

"It was OK", she said, a bit sheepish.

I held her panties up and said "wanna tell me about it?".

She looked stunned and was about to jump out of bed but I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. "No, tell me about it, I want to know" I insisted.

A tear ran down her cheek, "I need to shower", she said

"No, I need to know, now. I want you to tell me exactly what happened, exactly what you did and who with". She hadn't let go of my cock and squeezed it in her hand. "I,m not angry", I said, "just really horny and I,ve waited all night with this, waiting for you to wake up and tell me the tale".

I lay on my back and told her to come up on top of me. She did this and I slipped into her. She tried to lie on me but I pushed her up and told her to tell me.

Her tale began. After a normal start to the night, Paul, a guy from her work had asked her to dance with him and they had danced for a while. They had talked etc etc and then she claimed she just didn't know what had come over her. She has leaned in and kissed him.

Until now, she had sat still, with my cock deep inside of her but as her story progressed she began to rotate her hips slightly. They had found their way to a quiet room and soon were kissing hard before she had felt his hands on her arse pulling her close to him. She had felt his hardness against her and she had reached to undo his fly and pull him out of his pants. She turned her back to him and bent over a chair, her had lifted her dress, pulled her pants to one side and had entered her hard and deep. He had fucked her fast and came quickly. After an embarrassed moment, putting themselves straight they had returned to the party.

As she was telling me this, her movements had become more intense and she was now fucking me with some passion. Then she came on me, her pussy tightening and squelching as she rotated her hips.

"Did you come on him?", I asked

"Not at first no", she answered


"He gave me a lift home and when we pulled onto the drive I could see all the lights out"

She had known I was in bed and so had taken the opportunity to do him again. They had kissed and touched one another and then, despite the cold, had got out of the car and he had fucked her again over the bonnet of MY CAR!!

As she told me she took my hand and guided it to her pussy, taking my thumb and pushing it onto her clit. He did that as he fucked me and I came on him, like this. Her body started to shake and her pussy hardened on me as she bounced on my cock.

A massive wave of pleasure went right through my body and I squirted streams of my sperm up into her, the most intense orgasm I had had in ages. She fell onto me and we kissed and hugged until my softening dick plopped out of her.

She rolled onto her back and I took her panties and mopped at the wet sticky mess of her pussy, adding my juice to that of Pauls.

Those panties have not been washed yet and they still have the aroma of sex. Ang and I have had some amazing sex since that night. Strangely, I still trust her but I still ask her to talk about what happened that night and she describes what she felt as he fucked her. We fantasize about sex a lot now and make love every day, with passion and purpose. Thanks Paul!!