Written by Colin

11 Feb 2014

My wife, Ang is away for the night on a training course with her work. For those who read my post the other day regarding her "indiscretion" at her works Christmas party, you will know the significance of the fact that Paul is on the same course.

Over the days since we found out that she was going we have fucked so hard and discussed at length the possibility that she might get the opportunity to have sex with Paul again.

This reached a high this morning as we were fucking before she got ready to go, I told her that I was OK with it on 3 conditions: 1, she did not spend the night with him, 2, she was to put her panties back on as soon as he came in her and bring them home for me and 3, she told me every last detail of what they did when she gets home tomorrow.

She agreed as she had her orgasm on me, fucking me hard until I came up her with the intensity we have experienced a lot lately.

She put knickers on straight afterwards and wore them till lunch time when she went to shower ready for the trip. I have those sticky panties here with me now and have been sniffing them throughout the day. Even having a suck on the gusset earlier while I thought about what she might do.

She text me earlier to say that she had a double room to herself and had been flirting with Paul on the train journey so was sure they would end up together at some point.

If they do I hope she sticks to the agreement and if she does, I will share it with you all soon.

I'm off for a wank now while I suck these panties some more.