Written by Colin

28 Feb 2014

At about 10PM, I had a text from Ang to say she had gone back to her room and had told Paul he was welcome to join her. I lay in bed feeling very anxious, a bit jealous and above all very horny. My wife was over 100 miles away and had just invited her work colleague to go to her hotel room for sex.

I text her back reminding her of the conditions we had agreed and got a singe "X" as her reply. Then at 2.30AM she text again to say Paul had gone back to his own room, she had per panties back on as promised but would have to brush her teeth!!

I spent the next day in a bit of a daze. Waiting for the time to go and pick her up from the train station and thinking about the sex we would have as she told me about what she and Paul had done.

I met her at 4PM and we drove home in virtual silence. When we arrived home we went straight to the bed room where she opened her bag, took out her knickers and threw them to me saying, "there yo go, I wore them all night after he had cum in me, enjoy".

I held them to my face and inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of their sex, but felt a little disappointed that they were dry. What did I expect!

As if Ang could see my disappointment, she removed the knickers she was wearing and threw them to me too saying "these might be better". As I caught them, I felt them warm, wet and sticky. I looked at her a bit puzzled and she said, "in the train toilet about 10 minutes before we got off", and with that walked over to me, pushing me onto the bed and pulling down my jogging bottoms to release my hardening cock.

She put her mouth over it and gently sucked me to full hardness before lifting her skirt and mounting me, my cock slipping straight up her hot and wet pussy. She took the panties from me and found the wet gusset, showing me the obvious remnants of his spunk before pushing them into my mouth.

I sucked in the taste as she rotated her hips and began her tale.

She had gone back to her room and stripped naked waiting for Paul. He has arrived about 20 minutes later and she had let him in. She described how she was overwhelmed with the desire to suck him and as soon as the door was closed she was on her knees taking his cock out of his pants and sucking him deep into her mouth.

Paul has gradually removed his clothes and they had eventually made their way to the bed where she had continued to suck him while he had fingered her.

She told me that her tits were feeling so horny that she has stopped sucking him and moved to put them into his mouth telling him to bite them. As she told me this she took off her top and bra to reveal her tits which were covered in dotted bruises where he had obeyed her orders.

"He was really rough with them", she said and I was aware that the rotation of her hips was becoming more urgent. "That's what so exciting I think" she continued, "it's just pure sex. There are no emotional ties at all, just the sex". She started to bounce on my cock and soon came, hard and tight on me. As she came down from her orgasm she leaned forward and asked me to kiss her tits. "be gentle", she said, they are a bit tender.

Soon she sat back up and began to rotate again before continuing her story.

Paul had lay her on her back and had climbed between her legs, positioning his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Try as she might to get him to enter her he would keep pulling away, making sure she never got more than the knob inside of her. It was driving her crazy. "I wanted him in me", she said and again her rotation became more urgent on me. "Then after ages he did it. Pushed it right up me. He's not that big but he really banged it in, then took it right out, then banged it back in, over and over, the full length banging away at me".

She went on to describe how Paul had fucked her so hard and had started to call her a slut, a cow, a fucking horny bitch and she said how much this had turned her on and she had cum hard on him.

When he said he was going to cum she had rolled him over and taken him in her mouth again sucking until he had shot his load into her mouth. She described it as "spurt after spurt of hot cum hitting mt throat and tongue".

As she described this to me she came on me again, flooding juice and the last of Paul's spunk over me.

Ang went on to tell me how Paul has eaten her pussy. Not just kissing and sucking but biting her and bringing her to several more orgasms before he hardened up and they had fucked again. Doggy, straight, cowgirl and him eventually cumming in her as she lay face down on the bed with Paul pushing her face into the pillows and fucking her from behind telling her what a dirty slut she was.

By now she was really bouncing on me, obviously so turned on by reliving the previous night.

I told her to lie on her back and mounted her. Fucking her using full length slow thrusts until I was about to explode. I told her to lie still and pushed as deep into her as possible before lying still my self as my cock pumped spunk into her. She groaned as she felt my cock pumping away, looking at me deep into my eyes. "I love you" I said and a tear rolled down her cheek. "I love you too" she said and we collapsed in a heap on the bed.

I don't know if she will have Paul again or not, but I do know that we will relive that night a few times as we make love.