Written by Joesoap2008

13 Aug 2008

having seen John in suspenders and black nylon stockings in the tiniest of black briefs, with a massive hard on the thought of it turn me on more than I realized my mind was racing..... My wife was working so I took the opportunity of rummaging within their erotic lingerie drawer probably getting more excited than I should've been never before notice the sheer feel of the wonderful fabric I had all of the day to myself expecting no visitors I continued till I found the tiniest pair of sexy black briefs having already disrobed I continue to try an assortment of briefs on couldn't explain the wonderful wonderful feeling undergarments gave me I had a rocksolid hard on noticing some black sexy stockings putting them on was a challenge to want to put any snagging carefully putting them on I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror my rampant hard on clearly visible and showing on top of my cock was sticking out... suddenly out of the blue there was a knock on the door I had to dress quickly got time remove sexy underwear.. I was a bit flustered by the time I got to the door obviously nobody could see what I was wearing beneath my jeans I couldn't believe my luck it was John said he was just passing and took the opportunity to call I invited him indoors it must be an obvious I still have a raging hard on which is very hard to conceal it didn't take John long to comment laughingly trying to put a brave face on it I said I must've known you were called he placed his hand on my cock rubbing it through the material suddenly his hand was inside he must've felt the silky material he smiled and said, can we explore this further upstairs perhaps I didn't need asking twice it wasn't long before exploding each of those sexy underwear he was sucking my pick through the material it felt wonderful I soon return the favor kissing sucking each other dicks I was feeling is anus he was bent over pushing his lovely man pussy in my erection invitingly there was plenty of cream and available my smothered both my cock and his anus moving the silky sexy briefs to one side gently at first probing holding my pick pushing it gently in he gasped slightly within seconds I was fucking him with all my might my left hand move forward and wanked to cock my hand on top of his hand could see the reflection in the mirror it was a wonderful slight it was a long before I shot my load deep inside him we collapsed on the bed... he still had a rampant hard I'm sure he's going to put it to good use... that's another encounter to bring to you..