Written by Cara

21 Nov 2016

Hello again. Thank you for all the encouraging messages. Well. I wanted to let you knwo that I did it, after a lot of text messages between me and my neighbours I went to see them and it was fantastic.

It didn't get off to a great start, there were a lot of suggestive texts from them telling me what they wanted and what they wanted me to wear when I called to see them which was both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

As those of you who read my first post will know, I'm not a very confident person and they wanted me to call round in a skirt with no underwear, a blouse but no bra and just a coat. This will sound silly to those of you who have experience in this but I agreed to call and see them but wore jeans with underwear and a blouse with a bra and jumper but I chickened out just outside the door to the block and ran back home.

I was so embarrassed I didn't' message them for a couple of days but they were so nice about it I felt confident about going back so I did. I still wore my jeans things but the one thing they said that scared me was that if I went round then I belonged to them for the evening and that was scary.

It took me two attempts to know on the door but I did and he answered very quickly. They are even more good looking than I thought, she is very pretty and he's big, taller than I expected and very muscular but they both have a lovely smile.

She took me by the hand and gave me a glass of wine, we chatted about the flats and how they liked living here and I said I did as well and then she kissed me on the lips and asked if I was sure. I said I was and that its a nice place to live.

They laughed and asked me if I was sure. I did feel a bit silly becouse they didn't mean the flat.

She led me by the hand into the bedroom and closed the door, turned me to face my own bedroom next door and told me how much they liked to watch me and then she undid my blouse and took off my bra.

She then undid my jeans and put her hand between my legs and kissed me like no one had ever done before. The she pulled them down and off my feet. I looked over to him and he was undressed.

He was beautiful, so fit. His cock is much bigger than I expected, twice the size of any other I had seen which isn't many.

They lay me down on the bed and he kissed me then kissed and sucked breasts then for the first time ever a man put his mouth between my legs. I came immediate, his tongue playing with my love hole.

She was undressed and I didn't know who I wanted to fuck more, she is perfect. Pretty with curves and such beautiful full breasts, I couldn't take my eyes off her nipples, they were so big and dark red.

Then he moved up kissing my tummy and then taking one of my small breasts completely in his mouth and she did the same with my other one and they both sucked and bit me.

I'm not sure who it was but one of them was hand fucking me and I came again then he slid over and was inside me.

I felt him stretch my pussy and he was on top of me grabbing my breasts and thrusting. I though I was going to pass out, he was gentle but forceful holding me down she was kissing me and biting my breasts then they rolled me onto my tummy and pulled me up and again he was inside me from behind and she laid down so I was over her. She offered her breasts to me and for the first time in my life I sucked a woman and she tasted wonderful. The she moved up and he pushed my head to her pussy and I tasted her and she was so sweet.

I think she came them becouse she shook and screamed then he put he on my back again and continued to have me. They said something to each other, I'm not sure what but she kept telling him to 'do it'. He told me he was going to cum but I didn't care I must have cum four or five times already and then he did.

I felt him explode inside me, I thought men just came and that was it but he poured cum into me, paused and came again.

I had the most deep, painful, muscle spasm orgasm I have ever had, so much so I could't move for a long time. I just let her do what she wanted with me after he pulled me up the bed and she fucked me like her husband did. I didn't orgasm becouse I couldn't' again but I was in another world.

We all lay there for some time, I didn't know what I should do next so I got up and got dressed. They were nice and made me coffee before we kissed goodnight. Before I even left the flat they where fucking.

I've been back once more since then and he had me against the wall, the window where I watch them and then she made love to me and it was so beautiful I cried. Feeling a woman touch me, her big breasts on me and our hands touching each other.

I now feel liberated and ready for a new world. I know it sounds dramatic but even what I have told you isn't half of it but I could write pages and pages.

When I am on my own with my pleasure toy I imagine man and women, strangers fucking me. They tell me they have something special for tonight so I'm going back tonight and staying over. I feel sick I'm so excited about what they have planned for me .