Written by Student3sum

1 Aug 2018

Having a late minute placement at Manchester uni I ended up renting a room with a married couple at their 4 bedroom house. I'm Asian, 20 yrs old and the married couple both in their mid 40's and professional, wife a nurse and husband a solicitor.

Alison is a very pretty 5ft 5in, blonde, size 10 and lovely 32D , was very helpful, even cooked for me in the beginning. During one evening when alone and after sharing a bottle of red ended up snogging and fucking each other. This continued, thinking in secrecy but unknown to me Alan was in the picture at all times. Alison loved her pussy been eaten, nipples bitten, fucked from behind and gave amazing head. At times 2 or 3 times a day.

During one evening of hot fucking, she admitted Alan knows and would like to join in . I was so sexed up, agreed. Alan, not knowing, was watching and entered the lounge. Half naked, with his cock rock hard.

Alison immediately took his cock into her mouth and started to suck him deep and at the same time wanking me too. I moved on her nipples and started to bite them.

Alan, went down on her, sucking her shaven and wet pussy. She began snogging me and I tasted Alan's cock and precum. She was moaning with Alan's tongue deep inside her.

To my surprise, Alan started to stroke me. Moving his hands on my cock . I was in a spin and enjoyed his slow wank. He then moved on my cock and started to suck it . The feeling was amazing. Alison began to snog me at the same time.

Alan's mouth sucked me deeper and deeper.

'Cum in him' . Alison asked.

It wasn't long before I shot my spunk in his mouth. Alison then snogged Alan, sharing my spunk.

I was positioned, with my head in Alison's pussy and Alan behind me. I felt him lubricating my arse hole, spreading my leg.

Sucking her wet pussy with Alison moaning, Alan asked if he can fuck me .

I agreed and he ushed his 7ich throbbing and lubricated cock in me . It hurt, but he pushed it in more. I was choking with Alison's pussy in my mouth and a hard cock entering my arse..

Alan started to fuck me harder and harder. It hurt but felt so good. He continued until I felt his spunk in me and dripping down my legs .

I was so hard and Alison asked me to fuck her doggy. Like before I entered her deep and fucked her while she screamed. Alan's hands were all over me.

Alison screamed with her orgasm and I shot my load into her.

We all kissed and cuddled.

This continued throughout my 2018 Academic year. Sometimes I fucked Alison alone and several times Alan fucked me when Alison was on night shifts.

They agreed to waiver half my rent .

I've agreed to go back near next year..