Written by Lisa

17 Feb 2012

Ok,so after my last encounter with the 2 well hung repairmen, i decide to take them up on their party invite.

I wore a figure hugging white dress, with no underwear, which really showed off my curves and erect nipples. I felt hot!

I met up with Tony in a local bar, had a few drinks before jumping in a taxi. We arrived at a large secluded house in the middle of nowhere.

Everything seemed quite normal when we walked in, loud R&B music, lot's of well built black men, about half and half black / white girls.

My mind started to drift as i looked at all the hot men walking around, and then i noticed a few guys with no shirts walking around in the next room, so i went to check it out. I walked in and saw a giant hot tub. In there were two naked white girls getting all the attention from some very fit black guys. I so wanted to be in there with them.

I felt a pair of hands around my waist, it was Tony "shall we join them?" he said. Without a second thought i stripped off and climbed in, closely followed by a naked Tony. The feeling of the bubbles being blasted against my skin was making me horney! I reached under the water and grabbed Tony's cock, i could feel it stiffening in my hand. I continued to work his shaft, while his hand was now teasing my aching pussy!

I could not believe what was happening in front of all these people, but i was loving it, the excitement was intense. Tony was now at his full throbbing 10 inches and he was kissing me hard, when he grabbed my head and turned it away for me to be confronted by one of his friends also with a throbbing 9 inches of pure black steel, he placed his hand at the back of my head and guided his length down the back of my throat and it tasted good. Another guy shuffled over to us, so there i was with a guy standing in front of me, ramming his cock down the back of my throat and now a bulging cock in each hand and loving it.

I was eventually lifted out of the tub and laid on the side, still in the same scenario. I was working away the cock's i had got in each hand, both roughly the same size, slowly working up and down the shaft's and over the head of each one, while sucking away on the one in my mouth. Then i felt someone teasing my pussy before gently sliding a warm tongue in and out working my clit, whoever it was they knew what they were doing. I had to see who it was, to my suprise it was one of the other girls!

Now this was a first for me, but this girl had got me aching for more. I noticed the guy who's cock i was sucking was getting faster and harder and without warning released his hot juices down my throat. The girl who had been working my pussy had now moved and positioned herself over me, lowering her pulsating pussy onto my mouth, again this was a first for me but i just took it in my stride and worked her pussy the way she had worked mine.

I then felt my lips being forced apart by another strange but large throbbing cock, my god it felt good and soon enough the guys started rotating, all taking turns to fuck me hard! I just loved being fucked while taking another one in my mouth. After several turns, myself and the girl were made to sit together, while the guy's each fired their loads over our faces and bare breasts. Luckily there were showers for us to use, which we did and got dressed.

We stayed for a few drinks. Tony said to me that this was a regular event and he had some more friends for me to meet, I can't wait!!!!

I will keep you all informed

Lisa x