Written by mb

25 Jul 2009

Out of the blue, the Major contacted me, seems our anal lunch fuck wasn't a one off and he needed more, would I meet him at a motorway service station just up the M1, he'd book the room.

I'd frequented this cheap hotel before, some of you may remember my regular fucks with a randy old boy some time ago, so I had fond memories. Plus I knew it had great potential for a warm up fuck with a dirty trucker. So of course I accepted.

It was a warm evening, I was wearing my pretty summer dress, that showed off the tits nicely, I decided against panties, instead put on shiny red heels and matching lippy. My blonde hair was worn down, shiny and bouncy like my tits.

I parked up and surveyed the nearby trucker bays, there were a few lorries in the area. It looked like some of them had drivers inside. I wandered slowly across, clutching a cigarette. The first lorry was empty but the next along had a fat bloke, bald, who happily handed me his lighter. I pretended I couldn't light it and he beckoned me into his cab. As I got in, I made sure he got a glimpse of my pussy and smiled knowingly at him. I didn't get a chance to smoke that cigarette as he didn't waste any time attaching his tongue to my pussy. He licked like a champion, making lots of noise, his tongue fat like his body. I could see sweat forming on his brow. He ate my pussy hungrily and I laid back on the passenger seat allowing the first wave of orgasm to hit me. He sat up and undid his flies, to reveal a good sized cock. I returned the favour and started to suck his erect cock. His fat hands were inside my bra, squeezing my tits. He pulled off my dress and undid my bra, letting my ample breasts sway free. At which point his cock really stiffened and he started to speak to me in Polish. I couldn't understand a word, but I like to think it was filthy. I continued to suck him, taking his manhood deep into my mouth, gagging slightly, tasting his precum.

I wanted him inside me, so shifted onto my knees and straddled him, my tits leaning on the large driving wheel. He let me sink onto his cock and moaned as I started to buck up and down on his fat cock. He continued to sweat, moan and speak in hurrid Polish.

I could see other drivers across the way enjoying the show, possibly wanking as I rode Polish guy's cock. Being watched took me to orgasm and I pulsated on his cock which brought him off - he emptied his load deep into my cunt.

I slid off his cock and dressed quickly, I was late for the Major, but that's another story ...