Written by Anonymous

7 Aug 2019

I hadn't seen Mick for a while, I'd been divorced a few years, had the odd girlfriend but, didn't wish to get too involved too heavily with any of them. Liking my freedom too much! Anyway, me and Mick had started going out on friday nights again, doing the usual, pulling and sometime not! He had a regular girlfriend he'd been seeing for 4 or 5 years. He used to spend most of his free time at her house. One friday he rang me to go for a drink with him to chat about the old days, we werein our forties by then. I met him at a pub near where his girlfriend lived and we had a couple, talked about women we'd shared and how some had been really hot for having two guys at the same time. He invited me back to Rachel's place, saying I could have a couple more drinks, leave the car at the pub and spend the night there. I did. After about ten minutes back at Rachel's place, I was sat on the sofa and they were sat in armchairs when she got up, sat beside me, put her hand behind my neck and started to kiss me! I looked at Mick and he said, "Don't mind me mate, I'll just watch!" I was taken aback but soon got into the swing (no pun intended) of things as we kissed passionately and Rachel started to unzip my jeans! She kissed me harder as I helped her take my rigid cock out for her. She was wearing a simple dress and i put my hand between her legs, rubbing my finger over the gusset of her pants for a few seconds, before slipping my finger under to feel her wet cunt lips as she gripped my cock tightly. I glanced at Mick as I started to pull Rachel's pants down, he just gave me a wicked grin and nodded his approval! He'd told me on several occasions that he'd, quote 'like to see that big cock of yours going up Rachel!' Me and Rachel kissed, tongues intertwining as wshe wanked my cock and I fingered fucked her. Mick was in his element, he could see everything! He was rubbing his erection through his jeans! It was only a few minutes before Rachel's panties were removed, dress taken off, my shirt, jeans, boxers and socks also. Rachel put cushions on the floor, in front of Mick, to give him the best view possible of what was about to take place! She lay down on the cushions, feet flat on the floor with her legs parted, eagerly awaiting my cock, so much so that as I knelt down between her legs, she grasped my cock and pulled it towards her dripping cunt. I was going to give her a tongue lashing but, never got the chance! She just pulled me to her and guided my bell end straight to her heavenly opening! I slid all the way in her to the hilt and just stayed still for a few seconds, kissing her neck and relishing the feel of her warm, wet cunt gripping me! Mick had his cock in his hand watching us and he asked, "Does that feel good mate?" Of course I had to admit that it was! I began to thrust at a steady pace, not wishing to cum too quickly, the excitement almost too much for me! Mick had got down to watch as we were fucking each other, Rachel raising herself up to meet each thrust, grunting that womanly grunt! It must have only been four or five minutes when I knew that I couldn't hold back any longer and I said loudly, "Yeah, fuck, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fucking cum, yeeeaahh, I'm fucking cumming, yeah, yeah, fuck yeah!" With that I felt myself spurt a copious amount of spunk into her, not having had a shag for a week or so I will have been full of it!

I lay on top of her getting my breath back and Mick said, "You,ve had your fun, it's my turn now mate!" I pulled out, gathered my clothes and went up to the bathroom, cleaned myself up, dressed and went back down to watch the live show of Mick and Rachel!

The next day, me and Mick went to collect my car and he said that Rachel had said that she could have taken me all night!