Written by kaz

17 Jun 2012

I told the following tale 4 years ago on here and thought perhaps some of you might be interested in what happened in the intervening years. The following is the original story which I thought I should reprint before adding part 2:

I came home on Friday night, having been out with some friends from work to celebrate a colleagues 40th birthday, and found that my husband Darren had gone to bed. Judging by the empties he and Martin had had quite a few and when I went into the bedroom he was out like a light. I got ready for bed then did a quick tidy around and turned off the TV. I saw that he had left the PC on so I went to shut it down when I noticed he was still logged in and curiosity got the better of me and soon I was into his e-mails. Nothing out of the ordinary just various mates and business e-mails and the usual raunchy joke type pictures etc. Most of which he had forwarded to me anyway. But on checking the history trail I found he had been on a site dedicated to personal contacts and their stories so I tapped it in and brought it up.

I was a little annoyed at first thinking that he was looking for a contact but I found myself turned on by the stories. I was very surprised at how many people get involved in sexual liaisons with friends and colleagues and so I decided to use the site to relate what has happened to us and the guilt I felt.

8 years ago, just after my 40th birthday, I had discovered Darren was having an affair and we almost split up over it and I took him back on the understanding that he would get one chance and one chance only. In the early days I was on edge all of the time in case it started up again but to Darren’s credit he has never given me anything to worry about and we are very settled. Still, I could never forgive the bitch who he went with as she knew he was married. That makes what I am about to tell you all the worse and I have to live with the guilt.

Back in January we were out for drinks with our best friends Martin and Laura and they asked us if we fancied booking a private villa in Spain for 2 weeks holiday in June. Laura had found what sounded like a beautiful place not far from the sea on the side of a mountain with wonderful views. This, along with the secluded gardens and private pool sold it for us and we agreed to go with them. The time flew by this year and before we knew it we were sitting on the veranda overlooking our pool with long cold drinks to hand. The villa was everything we had been promised and more. A large veranda with full dining facilities overlooked the pool. The pool was a good size and had sunbeds for each of us and an open shower to the side of the steps and a large stone built barbeque area to the other end. The garden was around the side of the villa and screened from the road by very thick hedging. There was a table and chairs and sunbeds for all on the lawned area and a nice shaded arbour for when it was just too hot. To top things off a set of steps led up to a roof terrace where more sunbeds and parasols were found. We had hired a car and the boys decided to take turns as nominated driver for when we went out.

We quickly got down to some serious sun worshipping on the sunbeds around the pool and all felt really settled from the moment we arrived. This was the first time we had been abroad with Martin and Laura so I asked her where she stood on topless bathing and we agreed to both go topless. To the boys credit they took it in their stride and made no issue at all which helped both Laura and I further relax. We spent the whole of the morning sunbathing, reading and dipping into the pool to cool off on a regular basis. We had a nice lunch and the boys kept us in cool drinks. In the afternoon Laura and I went around into the garden as there was a slight breeze around there. The boys decided they were going to tough it out on the roof and told us to call out if we came up as they were going for the all over tan. We laughed at them and warned them to put plenty of sunblocker on.

Later that afternoon, I told Laura that I was going in for a bath and to get ready for going out. She said she would follow me in as she wanted to use the big bathroom as well. We had en-suites to both of our rooms but they only had showers and they were small so we preferred the larger separate bathroom.

As I turned the corner to go into the villa I was greeted with a back view of a fully nude Martin standing under the poolside shower. I was quite shocked when Martin heard me and turned to face me full frontal. He just smiled and said ‘don’t worry, seen one you’ve seen them all’. I tried my best to look composed and said ‘I suppose so’” and continued on into the villa. It was not the nudity that had made me momentarily lose my composure but the size of his parts. Up until now I thought Darren was well endowed having been able to compare him to the 3 other boyfriends I had before meeting him but from the quick look I had gotten, Martin seemed a lot bigger.

I took my bath and called Laura in then got myself ready to go out and took a bottle of wine from the fridge and sat on the veranda with a nice cold glass of rose.

The boys came down from the roof with towels wrapped around them but my eyes wandered to the front of Martins towel and I was thankful for the cover my sunglasses gave as I got the feeling he knew exactly what I was looking at. I was annoyed with myself for looking at my best friend’s husband like that.

We went out and had a lovely meal with plenty of wine but we agreed to go back to the villa so that Darren could have a few drinks as well.

After polishing of a couple more bottles between us we went to bed happy that we had made an excellent choice of holiday. Darren and I read for a while until, with it being so quiet, we heard the unmistakeable sound of Martin and Laura making love. Not loud, but audible all the same. I was horrified but Darren just started to snigger and said do it ourselves so we can’t hear them. I started to giggle like a schoolgirl and with the wine and happy feelings generated by the holiday we were soon having sex. This was when I got my first feelings of guilt. As soon as Darren entered me I wondered how Laura managed to take Martin into her. Again I was annoyed with myself for having such thoughts and they passed.

The next few of days were spent in much the same way as the first with the boys sunbathing on the roof for a couple of hours whilst Laura and I enjoyed the garden.

We visited a market and went out each evening but always returned by 11 o’clock so that we could enjoy drinks for all and take advantage of a cooling swim before bed.

Laura and I had tans which were coming along nicely or so we were told by Darren and Martin whilst having dinner one evening. They proceeded to take the Mickey out of our white bottoms and teased us to dare join them on the roof.

Laura said “you had better watch out, we might just do that” I looked at her and she gave me a wink.

Next day when the boys had gone up she said to me “lets call their bluff and go up and nude bathe” I was shocked and Laura saw it and said “ we don’t have to if you have any reservations about it, just a bit of fun” But I thought, why not? So we agreed to go up and say nothing, just take off our towels and lie on the sunbeds. We removed our bottoms in the garden and applied liberal amounts of sunblock to front and back bottoms and I noted that Laura had a completely shaven vagina. I like to tidy mine up before holiday but content myself with shaving around and under but like to keep a nice thick bush above. Darren always asks me to take it all off but I think it feels too naughty and exposed somehow.

As we got up the steps to the roof terrace they both appeared to be asleep. I saw Darren lying on his back with his parts on view to the world. Laura nudged me and mouthed “nice tackle”. Martin was lying on his front so there was nothing for me to see. I had even started to wonder whether my eyes had deceived me on the first day. Again Laura mouthed to me “let’s wind them up and get them excited so they can’t stand up when they wake up”

We had no need with Darren; he must have been having a very sexy dream as he was getting a very hard erection. Laura and I stifled our laughter as best we could and went to lie on the sunbeds. The noise of us sitting woke both of them up and Darren did a very quick roll onto his tummy as we both burst out laughing. Both Darren and Martin grumbled something about warning them before we came up and I said “once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all” looking straight at Martin. Darren muttered something into his towel like “believe me you haven’t”

Laura then upped the stakes by asking Martin to go down and fetch some drinks and he stood up with his back to me. As he bent over to pick up his swim shorts I was treated to the back view of an enormous set of balls hanging down between his legs. I felt myself gasp a little which was not lost on Laura who flashed a smile of pride at me.

Martin came back up with the drinks and sat on the side of his sunbed talking to me and Laura and without any warning said “I see you prefer to keep a bit of cover on then” nodding towards my bush. “Still, it will keep the sun out”.

Darren chipped in with “I wish she would take it all of like Laura” So, the sod had copped an eyeful of Laura. I found myself getting quite turned on by the turn of events when Darren said “ this is ridiculous, we are all adults and have no need to be ashamed, we need another drink, I’ll get them” He stood up and didn’t bother to put his swim shorts on he just went for the steps. Laura and Martin looked at me and I just shrugged and said “I suppose he is right”. Martin agreed and stepped straight out of his swimshorts revealing himself less than 3 feet away from me. My eyes had not been deceiving me when I saw his penis on the first day; it was long and very thick with a shiny bulbous end.

Darren came back with the drinks and a weird sense of normality resumed only difference being we were all naked.

Despite the boys attention to detail in covering our bits with sunblock Laura and I could only take an hour or so up there as it was so hot so we went down to the garden for the rest of the afternoon.

That night Darren and I had terrific sex and we could hear Martin and Laura having the same. This time though I started to imagine that it was Martin penetrating me when Darren entered and it turned me on more than ever. Darren even commented that we both seemed extra turned on and asked if I had been aroused by all the nudity early. I got a bit tetchy with him and told him not to be so silly but I knew I had and felt guilt sweeping over me as I realised my husband had made love to me but I was imagining being filled by my best friend’s husband’s penis.

For the rest of the holiday Laura and I would pop up to the roof for some all over tanning and we stayed longer as we got used to it but it was the evenings which brought the next liberating experience as we all started skinny dipping when we returned to the villa at night.

Darren started it off when we returned from a night out in Benidorm, some 25 miles away. It had been hot in the car as the air conditioning wasn’t great and we had all looked forward to a dip when we got back. We parked up and Darren just started stripping off as he walked to the pool and finally dived in naked. We all followed amid a lot of laughter and a great time was had. This became the norm on our return from then on. Weird how we still went in with swimshorts and bikinis through the day even though we were not overlooked by anyone and sunbathed nude on the roof!

The next night we travelled down to Javea and ate in a lovely local restaurant by the sea. Martin and I went against the grain and had enormous steaks while Darren and Laura stuck to the seafood which we had all enjoyed all holiday up until now. It was a wise choice because the next morning both Laura and Darren were complaining of mild food poisoning. They had both been up in the night and looked the worse for wear when they appeared for breakfast.

By midday, despite drinking loads of water and visiting the loo on numerous occasions, they decided a trip to the pharmacy was in order.

Darren offered to go and fetch some medicines but Laura wanted to go with him so off they set to town to find a pharmacy.

Martin knocked up a light tuna salad for our lunch which we ate on the veranda then asked if I was popping up on the roof for a spot of sunbathing. Somehow it did not seem right without the others but I thought “what the hell” it’s not like anything is going to happen.

When we got up there Martin must have sensed a slight unease on my part and went face down on his sunbed with his head away from me. Once naked and laid down I felt more relaxed and wondered why I had thought anything of it.

I knew exactly why when Martin got up to go for a drink for us.

He stood up and stretched and I watched as his penis swung about in front of him. It was clearly semi-erect and I closed my eyes quickly when I thought he had caught me staring.

He said to me “you’ve got no reason to be shy about having a look Kaz; I have always had this reaction from women when they see it”

I must have blushed the deepest red ever and was thankful for the blazing sun and overwhelming light that hid my discoloration.

Martin wandered off to fetch some drinks and I took the opportunity to sort myself out down below. I must have been very aroused as I was soaking down there so I headed down to the pool and did a couple of lengths to cool off. I patted myself dry and went back up to the roof for my drink to find Martin lying on his back with a full erection on. As he heard me approach he apologised and went to turn over onto his front when I heard myself say to him “don’t turn over on my account, it cannot be comfortable for you” Martin just looked at me and said”okay, if you are sure” His erection was subsiding slightly and I lay on my front and closed my eyes. The next thing I knew was a splat of sunblock landing on my back. Martin was standing over me with the bottle of cream and said “you really need to get some of this on after being in the pool or you will burn” “I’ll do your back for you if you like, I’m sure you’ll manage the rest” I said “you had better believe I will” and he knelt down beside my sunbed and applied cream to my neck, back and buttocks. I must admit I was thoroughly enjoying the way he was virtually massaging me and gave a little giggle when he started to do my bottom and backs of my legs. I felt him just touch me on the vagina ever so slightly when he was doing my bottom and I tensed a little. Feeling this tension Martin apologised and I told him it was fine. In reality I knew I was soaking down below again.

Having sorted out my back Martin left me to sort out my own front and a few moments later I surprised myself by saying “Your turn now” to Martin.

He grinned and turned onto his front presenting me with a totally smooth set of shoulders and back not to mention his cute bum. He was not a broad or muscular as Darren but his skin was soft and smooth to the touch. Darren can feel a bit rough as he has a lot of body hair both front and back.

I started at Martin’s neck and worked my way down his back. I was kneeling to the side of him and as I stretched across his back my breasts were brushing against his back causing my nipples to stiffen. By now I was past any sense of embarrassment.

As I arrived down at Martin’s bum I thought of how he had accidentally touched me on my parts from behind and thought I would get my own back and playfully tickled him under his bum. Martin tensed a little then simply opened his legs until I had a full view of his bumhole, and ballsack. He never said a word and I wondered what to do. As I hesitated he gave a little wiggle and before I knew it I was rubbing cream onto his balls. I was amazed at the size of them and the smoothness of his skin. I massaged the cream in more than was appropriate and could feel the area between his bum and ballsack stiffening. At that point Martin flicked himself over and I was faced with his enormous erection right before my eyes. He just looked at me and said “Go on, you know you want to” I knew I wanted to but the reality of the situation threatened to overwhelm me. Here I was with my best friend’s husband, both of us totally naked, very aroused and nobody there to see us.

The next few moments were a blur as I lay back onto my own sunbed and opened my legs by way of invite. I knew I had to feel that penis in me. This was not love it was primeval lust.

I was not to be disappointed.

Martin got off his sunbed and stepped across to mine with his penis swaying like a large salami. Martin positioned himself between my legs and asked if I was sure that I wanted this and even though I had guilt pangs running through my body as I thought of Laura and Darren, I knew I had to do it.

I asked Martin to be careful as I was uncertain as to whether I could get it in but I need not have worried. Her positioned himself at my opening lips and stroked his penis up and down my now very wet slit. I could feel my juices running down into my bumhole and soaking my towel below.

Martin slowly pushed against me and I felt the most wonderful sensation as his bulbous end entered me and teased at my opening. I had the urge to pull him into me fully but resisted as I was still a little scared about whether I could take it.

After a couple of minutes of easing his penis into me inch by lovely inch I felt his balls beginning to slap against my cheeks and knew he was nearly all the way in. I now knew what it was to be stretched to my limit and it felt wonderful.

I could feel every little ripple of his shaft and felt myself going into a kind of spasm as my orgasm built. I was moaning like mad as he began pounding into me and when I came I nearly passed out with the pleasure. My whole body seemed to be pulsing as he drove into me and I could sense that he was on the point of ejaculation. I asked Martin not to come inside of me and he took out his penis and as he did a huge jet of sperm shot out over my belly and up my chest. He gripped his shaft and pumped it sending another 4 big dollops of sperm onto my belly.

Martin sat back to his own sunbed and we both recovered from the exertions. That is when the enormity of what I had done started to set in.

We sat for a short while not saying anything, the sperm on my body was starting to thin out and run off me so I got up to go and shower. I was thrilled and the same time but I could not understand why I had allowed this to happen. I did not love Martin and I knew he would probably be asking himself some pretty searching questions too.

Martin came down from the roof as I was in the pool shower, this time with his shorts on. I wrapped a towel around myself and joined him on the veranda where he had brought out a couple of drinks. An awkward silence was broken when Martin said he was unsure as to what should happen next. I said that nothing would happen and that we must keep this to ourselves forever. Neither Laura nor Darren must ever find out what we had done. Martin looked relieved and readily agreed to the pact. Then I started to laugh, quietly at first then loud and long. Not a nervous laugh but a laugh that said I found the whole event incredible an almost maniacal laughter. Martin joined in as he sensed what was happening to us both.

Laura and Darren arrived back later that afternoon explaining that the pharmacy in town was closed for lunch and rather than take the ½ hour drive back to the villa only to have to go back they had spent the siesta on the beach. They had bought medicine and taken it and were already feeling the benefit though they had no appetite as yet.

We spent a quiet night in playing cards and whilst Martin and I finished a bottle of wine Laura and Darren headed to bed early. Once they had retired Martin asked me how I felt and what did I believe had caused me to want to do it. I had been thinking about it all evening as we played cards and told him that I thought it was almost like an act of revenge for what Darren had done 4 years earlier.

Martin said that Darren had told him about the affair and that we had been under a lot of strain for some time after but thought that everything was as steady as it ever could be.

I told Martin that perhaps he had helped to get rid of my demons with Darren as I now considered us even but I was now on a massive guilt trip about doing it with my best friend’s husband.

Martin assured me again that Laura would never hear of this from him. I thanked him and we said our goodnights and went off to our respective beds.

I did not sleep much that night as I recounted what I had done. I went from feelings of absolute thrill as I relived the memory of Martin’s penis pushing into me for the first time to absolute guilt as I thought of Laura. Strangely I felt very little for Darren that night.

Martin and I were a little subdued the next morning to the point where Laura asked if we were going down with something as she and Darren were back on top form. We bucked up and all set off for a day in town and the markets. As we walked around the busy market I bumped into Martin a couple of times and felt electrified by the merest of his touches. I was surprised at this as I thought yesterday was a one off that I would put to the back of my mind.

We enjoyed a jovial day though it was more of Laura and Darren’s making than mine and Martin’s. We returned to the villa in the early evening and had a light snack supper made up of bits and pieces that we had bought whilst out.

We had a lot of wine with Laura and Darren seemingly determined to make up for the day they lost whilst unwell. By midnight we were quite merry though Darren and Laura were quite drunk. I wondered whether the midnight skinny dip was safe but Martin looked capable of seeing that they were okay.

We finished in the pool and sat around in towels finishing up the last of the wine. Darren and Laura were falling asleep in their chairs so we woke the up and packed them off to bed. Martin and I set about tidying up and as I washed the glasses up in the sink he brushed past behind me. Again I felt electricity at his touch and as he passed by to lock the doors I noticed the front of his towel was well out in front of him. He saw me looking and moved towards me. He stood right in front of me and I knew I needed to go there again, but how. Martin led me over to the breakfast bar and leaned me over it. He motioned to me to be extremely quiet and lifted my towel above my waist. The feel of his penis head seeking out my now soaking slit was heavenly. I gasped as he held onto my hips and guided it in slowly at first then with urgent thrusts. I don’t know whether it was the thrill of the risk of being caught or the urgent pumping at my stretched hole but I came within about a minute. I let out a serious of low moans as I did that had Martin reaching around to gag me. As I felt Martin starting to tense I told him to get it out before he came. This time he was left high and dry. I told him to go and give it to Laura and headed to my bed leaving Martin shaking his head in the kitchen with his erection still poking out of his towel. I knew this was wrong but I did not want his sperm inside me.

I got into bed and Darren opened his eyes and asked sleepily if I was okay. I asked why and he said he thought he had heard me moaning in the toilet and wondered whether I had been sick. I said I was fine and that I had been grumbling to myself as I had knocked my talc box over in the big bathroom. I don’t know why but I was sure he knew something so I cuddled up to him. Darren started to fumble with me in the way men do when they are drunk and we ended up having sex. Not because I wanted to but because I didn’t want to give him any grounds for suspicion. Darren of course went all the way and filled me with his sperm. He produces a lot of the stuff and leaves me drenched.

Next morning Darren volunteered to pop into the local village supermarket to get some eggs and more milk and Laura asked for a lift in as she needed some more aftersun so off they trotted. As soon as the car pulled away Martin asked why I had cut him short last night and I told him it was twofold. Firstly, I knew Darren would want sex when I got into bed and didn’t want his suspicions aroused when I was soaking wet down there and secondly, I suspected Laura would want her share now that she was over her sickness.

Martin said that he thought it was deeper than that as I had asked him to withdraw the first time on the roof. I said it is no deeper than that and went to lie on the sunbed. I knew the real reason was because I could convince myself that we had not committed the full act if Martin did not come inside me and it was the last way I had of trying to assuage the guilt I felt for lusting after and taking what belonged to Laura.

The rest of the holiday went past quietly and unremarkably and all too soon it was time to return home. However the guilt was eating into me and I found myself wanting to confess to Darren. I spoke with Martin on the phone and he asked me not to say anything to Darren as it would be the end of our friendships as he was convinced that Darren would tell Laura.

The guilt continued boring into me and whilst in bed a couple of weeks ago I told Darren I had something to tell him. He braced himself and listened as I told him the whole story. His reaction was not what I had expected in fact the sod got a huge erection and was on me as soon as I finished my tale. We had our best sex for a long time before he told me his thoughts. He said that he suspected that something had gone on as things had gone a little flat before the end of the holiday and it went back to the day he and Laura had gone for medicine leaving us on our own. He was also not as drunk as he appeared the night of the talc incident and never really believed my explanation for moaning.

I made him promise that Laura would not get to know and that we were to remain friends with Martin and Laura. Darren agreed and said he wanted to see me with Martin sometime. I told him I thought that was a little sick and in any case I would not be doing it again. So life goes on, Darren and I seem to have laid our demons to rest but I do worry that a little bit of me enjoyed what happened just a little too much. Darren and Martin seem even closer now and I must admit that I was worried they would drift apart once Darren knew the truth.

We have been out for drinks with Martin and Laura every weekend since we got back and apart from a knowing glance from Martin every now and then we seem to have worked it out with Laura blissfully unaware of what went on.

We are off again in September with Martin and Laura and another couple, Ivan and Sandra.

Let’s hope it all goes peacefully and we get the chance to relax and enjoy the sun and that I can keep away from Martin’s wonderful penis.

If this tale is published I am sure it will gobsmack Darren that I have found the site and uploaded the tale for all to see.

Let’s hope Laura doesn’t get to read this!!

So that was the original story, look out for Pt 2 for the update....