Written by Jon

6 Jul 2019

As a couple we’ve had a few ‘eras’ of swinging. Tried in our 40s but weren’t sure... stopped after a few months. Started again when my wife (Trish) turned 50 late last year. Our second attempt at swinging was much better than the first, Trish was much more into it and I really got into watching her with other guys. For the first time, I got into swinging too and started to enjoy sex with others in an open environment. I think sometimes the more you push, the more you push. Having settled into the local swinging scene and started to get invited to local sex parties - we started to meet people outside the club scene and found a much wider network of partners. During Easter we went to a particularly good house party with lots of same room sex, normally this would really excite me and watching half a dozen guys having a go on Trish just seemed - for the first time a bit par for the course. I guess for me the initial excitement of the swinging scene seemed to be wearing off . At home a discussion, with Trish confirmed she was feeling similarly, and the initial excitement was subsiding. She was open enough to admit that she was enjoying having lots of sex, she does like big cocks and she likes variety, different ages and races etc. It was during this discussion that Trish said we were too conservative and formulaic, she said fucking a load of people already in the swinging scene wasn’t any kind of achievement. She said initially watching any Tom, Dick or Harry fucking her did it for me but, ultimately, Tom, Dick and Harry meant nothing to me and watching a succession of strangers pumping into her was maybe a bit stale. Having made that pronouncement she fortunately came up with the solution... she said what about if someone you knew, a friend, a neighbour or a colleague fucked me, and you saw them empty their balls into me on a Saturday night in our bed but, then you had to face them again later that week - now that would be exciting wouldn’t it? She said take our friends Julia and Adam - they aren’t swingers but imagine the thrill of you fucking Julia in-front of me and Adam, our relationship with them would be changed forever, imaging Adam fucking me and pulling out to spunk on my pussy - it would be like nothing on earth! . This conversation turned me on as much as it shocked me. Of course she was right and we’ve slowly put the plan into action, I’ve seen no action so far but I’ve watched Trish fuck the husband of a couple we know; unfortunately without his wife’s knowledge and she fucked someone I used to work with who lives locally. Just the act of meeting and comprehending extra marital sex with people you know takes things to a whole new level - it’s so fucking scary but so exciting at the same time. I’ve watched both of the liaisons and seen the guys give Trish a bloody good fucking, both performed bareback and both came in Trish. It’s certainly true what they say - after both sessions my own erection and ability to cum hit new heights faced with direct competition. I have also seen both guys socially post the event and the combination of humiliation and excitement is amazing. The only flaw in the plan is finding people we know outside the swinging scene to participate. We have another couple - who I’ve mentioned Julia and Adam and we’d love to swing with them but we can’t quite get to raise it without fear that they’ll dismiss us and never speak to us again. Some people might think we are playing with fire but we like what we are doing. Be interested to see if others have tried this and what their views are.