Written by chicklet

26 May 2009

My name is sam and at 18 i lived at home with my parents, life was shit and i would spend a lot of time out of the house avoiding my mother. My sister madeline moved in to her boyfriends house which was just around the corner and so i found myself at their house as much as i could. Madeline was 20 and was slim and dark haired and Bill her boyfriend was 21 and came from a very large family.I tried not to get in their way and be a gooseberry but i needed their hospitality to get me out from my parents house.

On occaisions i would sleep over to dog sit as Madeline worked shifts and Bill was a milkman and i would often hear them shagging in their room.

Things were ok for a while with one exception,when Madeline was at work and Bill was alone in the house with me he would often try to grope me, you know, feeling me up etc. I always managed to repel his advances but it was very akward as he was persistant. I had a boyfriend and was no virgin but i really did not want Bill on me whenever we were alone.

Madeline was a good sister most of the time but she would always belittle me if any of Bills family were around, calling me stupid and taking the piss out of me.

I remember a party at the house where i got a little pissed and knocked over a drink on their precious new carpet and Madeline flew into a rage and slapped me. I was upset and went up to my bedroom to escape the embaressment. Several people stayed the night and so i slept on the floor in my room, making room in my bed for Madeline and Bill. I awoke to the sound of them fooling around and listened as descretely as possible. I could hear them talking and i could tell that Bill was moaning about there sex life and how boring and frigid Madeline was.

I was still upset about my treatment from my sister and so found this all very amusing.

A couple of days later i was alone in the house and decided to have a nose around in my sisters wardrobe. I found a diary and sat on the bed to have a read, i didn,t know my sister kept a diary so was very interested to see what she wrote about.

It was a real revelation and i learnt a lot about my sister and her life. There were lots of entries about Bill and how much she loved him, but she also moaned about his sexual appetites.

She talked of her disgust that he wanted her to masterbate for his pleasure,the fact that he wanted her to swallow his spunk, He wanted to use toys and he wanted to see her have sex with one of his mates while he watched.

So my sister was prudish in bed, and dissliked lots of her mans demands.

I know its very wrong, but at that moment i felt i had some power over Madeline and this made me feel good. The next time she belittled me in front of their friends I would be satisfied that she was not all that Bill wanted in a relationship.

A few days later while Bill was at work,she again kept taking the piss out of me and again i got a little upset and was very pleased when at lunchtime she went to work for her late shift. I spent the early part of the afternoon doing her housework and finished just in time to hear Bill coming home from his milk round.He entered the house and asked if i would make him a cup of tea and as requested i took him his tea to his bedroom where he was changing out of his work clothes. I knocked on his bedroom door and went in to see him naked but for a towel around his waist. I was a little embarressed especially as his cock was jutting out making his towel look like a tent.

As i stood holding out his mug of tea he dropped his towel and said look what you do to me you always get me hard. I swallowed and noted that his cock was twice the size of my boyfiends,and i was delighted that i turned him on so much. He sat me on the bed and took the tea and placed it on the bedside table and he now stood cock pointing at my face. Suck my cock you sexy bitch was all he said as he guided it to my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth and let him slowely fuck it in and out as he moaned wth pleasure. All the time i sucked his cock he kept telling me i sucked bettr than my sister.I sucked with renewed vigour at this news and new that i was going to swallow his load just to let him know i was not a prude like Madeline.It could only have been a couple of minutes before i felt his warm seed hitting the back of my throat and i made sure i took it all in the sluttiest way possable.

He made me feel quite proud of my performance and i was very pleased that i had bettered my sister.

I guess that i should have expected that this was only the begining, and i found myself slobbering on his cock whenever he wanted and it was not only blowjobs, he soon fucked me as and when we where alone. At first i would struggle to accomodate his huge cock but soon learnt to satisfy his rough demands.He realised that i was a much more adventurous lay than Madeline and so he used me to satisfy his every fantasy. To be honest i revelled in my role as satisfier to Bills demands and would do anthing he wanted. I once made sure that as he arrived home i was laying on his settee pleasuring myself with the toys that had wanted to use on my sister and this was a real thrill for him. He stood over me calling me his perfect slut and encouraged me to fuck myself stupid andof course i happily oblidged, he then said that he thought i was so sexy that he wanted to watch his mates fuck me."would you like that, having my friends fucking you over and over". i moaned and nodded as i masterbated for his pleasure. This was obviosly Bills greatest fantasy and i would encourage him through slutty talk during our fucking. i would tell him that i would let his mates use me as he wanted and i would not dissapoint him. He added another feature to this fantasy saying that one of his mates had a slut for a girlfriend and he would like to see me having sex with her. i agreed to this and he added that he wanted me to be a bigger slut than his mates girlfriend and that this would make him very proud of me.

It was two day,s later when he told me of the arrangments..............but that is another story