Written by Peter

28 Mar 2012

That weekend the idea was to use the double ended dong on Sal`s cunt and bum hole but she and I spent part of the intervening time talking through the events of the last few months and what the future would hold for us. One thing was agreed we would be asking Rob to share our bed on a more regular basis, almost daily and perhaps for the first time I freely encouraged Sal to become more of a slut than she was already. I told her that I wanted her to indulge in every sexual act known to man. Friday came and Rob joined us as we had arranged unaware that we were about to offer him something we felt he could not refuse. Over the meal we put our proposals to him, he was certainly up for getting Sal to become a true slut, and provided there was no commitment on either side he was happy to share our bed and visa versa on a nightly basis. The four of us went up to the bedroom to use the dong as planned.

It was now that Sal rather took the wind out of sails so to speak because she announced that if she was going to let Rob and I inflict every sexual fantasy on her she had one of her own. Besides if it was to be 3 in a bed from now on then us two males had to accept each other 100%. I cannot say if she had given this any great thought, certainly she had not mentioned anything to me and Rob looked equally innocent as Sal explained that she wanted to see Rob and I wanking and sucking each other AND then fuck each others bum. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Sal got up and went to the bathroom explaining that we had better get on with it. When she returned a minute or two later she found Rob and I wanking each others cocks. It felt strange at first wanking another man but we soon fell into a rhythm and to be fair I think men probably know how to wank another man better than most women….after all when we wank ourselves we are not doing it from the front or side are we. Rob was the first to put his mouth around my cock and feeling more than slightly self conscious I shifted position and gobbled his cock. Rob and I were now in the 69 zone and with me on top I felt Sal’s fingers put some lube around my bum hole before telling Rob to fuck me like he fucked her. The odd finger is one thing but as those of you who have tried it will know taking a fully erect cock up your arse is something else, especially when you are tense and when you are an anal virgin. “Shit!” was perhaps not the most appropriate expletive at that moment but it’s the one that the rest of the street heard. Rob stopped, then edged more of his cock into my arse with the full encouragement of my wife. “come on, you expect me to take it and I had to learn to take it, don’t be a spoil sport, Robs going to fuck your arse whenever he wants from now on.” When Rob withdrew Sal took him in her cunt, asking him “did my husband do it for you”, “is his arse tighter than mine” “your turn soon” until he spurted his load inside her. I was content to stand and let the burning sensations dissipate. Then it was indeed Rob’s turn and although I didn’t wish him harm I was looking forward to ramming my cock into his arse. Disappointingly he took me quite easily and his arse was tighter than Sal’s so I was soon breathing heavily. Sal knew the signs and told me to leave it in Rob as I shuddered my load out.

Job done we both now turned our attention to Sal and proceeded to suck, finger and a little later fuck her into oblivion. When I woke Rob was fingering Sal’s cunt and I joined him until she excused herself for a pee. Rob and I took it turn to pee and then we fucked Sal leaving our cum in her cunt.

Since that weekend Rob has Joined us in bed most nights except when we have had family, Rob`s family don’t visit that often so he is nearly always available. The gate between our houses has certainly come in for regular use avoiding neighbours being aware of his frequent visits and Sal’s return visits mainly during the day while I am at work. Yes Rob and I do now fuck each other on occasion when Sal wants some entertainment which normally coincides with when we want her to do something extremely dirty. I know for a fact that Sal has fucked a couple of Rob’s mates when I have been away but that has happened in Rob’s place as she didn’t want Guys just turning up on our doorstep. Another thing we have done is take her dogging a couple of times. The first time out was nothing special, just learning the drill really but we found a guy on SH that was into dogging in the next major town, he knew a couple of guys and a place to take her so she ended up late one night at an Industrial estate and the 5 of us fucked her for an hour or so. That co-indecently was the first time she had a black cock.

Well, this is really the end of our story, we have not done anything else that is worthy of being shared with you but as I’ve said the gate Rob installed has swung both ways many times, bit like Rob and I really because the 3 of us are now able to play and fuck each other without any hesitation.