Written by Jimmy & Deb

6 Nov 2007

We are just back from a week in a friend's apartment on a complex in Gran Canaria.

It was only a small complex with 10 apartments and a nice pool and we were the only ones that seemed to be there apart from a couple of South African lads doing a bit of European tour which had taken in the Rugby World cup.

During the week we got reasonably pally with the guys and there was much banter about the World cup. With little else to do on the complex except sunbathe and drink that's pretty much all we did. My wife Debbie can be a little aloof until she's had a glass of wine then she can be a bit of a pain in the arse and quite loud. One lunchtime we returned from a morning in the local town and having had a couple of glasses of tinto, Debbie was more than a little merry. Spotting Grant and Rob sunbathing on their patio she decided that she was going to piss them off. They were both lying on their backs, eyes closed, probably sleeping with their i-pods on. She went into our kitchen and took a bottle of water from the fridge and proceeded to throw most of it over them causing them to both jump up in shock. Shouting and swearing they both jumped up and chased her around the pool until they eventually blocked her off and cornered her.

Despite her pleading they both grabbed an arm and dragged her to the pool. Digging her heels into the ground they both grabbed a leg and Grant who was about 6ft 8ins lifted her up and over his shoulder causing her rah rah skirt to ride up right over her thong clad arse. The more she struggled, the more it rode up and by this stage her vest had also ridden up exposing her bra less tits. Never having experienced anything like this in my life, my cock was by now like an iron rod as my 45-year-old, partly exposed wife was being carried over the shoulder of a man mountain and about to be dropped into the pool fully clothed. Giving it all the expletives and a lot of mouth my wife was thrashing about causing even more arse and tit to be exposed. Turning to me Grant asked what he should do with her. With that Rob suggested that she needed a 'fucking good spanking' to which I just nodded in agreement. So instead of a dunking in the pool Grant lifted her down, bent her over his knee and proceeded to slap her partially bare cheeks with his massive hand. With every loud slap her exposed tits shook and she let out a little cry. As he stood back up she straightened up but before she smoothed down her skirt we all noticed the very damp patch on the crotch of her thong. Next time your dead meat said Grant as he and Rob returned to their loungers. Still persisting with her mouth she informed them that they weren't real men because they'd slapped a lady. Rob looked up and said that a LADY wouldn't have wet her panties with enjoyment at which time she went red and disappeared into our apartment. I laughed and winked at the guys before nipping into the kitchen and picking up beers. As I was walking back out with the beers she shouted out to me ' and you are not much better for letting them treat me like that'. I paused at the patio door and shouted back that if you act like a whore you deserved to be treated like a whore and that she should count herself lucky it was only a spanking. After the beer I slipped back into the apartment to get a little sleep. Debbie was already asleep on the bed wrapped in just a towel. Her discarded thong was tangled up on the floor so I picked it up to put it in the washing basket but it was literally soaking wet. Under closer inspection it wasn't pee but her sticky cum.

Later that evening Grant and Rob invited us over to theirs for a drink. Deb was drinking diet coke and therefore on her best behavior despite the constant piss taking by the lads about the fact that she'd wet her knickers during her spanking. They were really trying to goad her to drink but she was having none of it. The conversation inevitably got around to sex and with us three guys getting more and more inebriated we started to goad her even more. Whilst she loves the attention she is always a bit prim and proper when she is sober. The other two lads were chancing their luck a little and really pushing the boundaries with their line of conversation. They said that next time she might not get off so lightly with just a spanking. After a little posturing on her part I decided that it was time to retire for the night and after kissing both lads good night Grant gave her a playful pat on the arse adding that he hoped she wasn't too sore. Quick as a flash she retorted with 'it'll take more than you two to make me sore' to which they responded 'oh we'll see about that'.

The next morning was a bit dull and overcast so Deb and I decided to get a taxi into the local town for a bit of sightseeing and shopping. It was our last day and we had to be out of the apartment by 2pm even though we weren't being picked up until 2am the following morning. We had a spot of lunch and got back to the apartment about 1pm by which time the sun was shining and it was lovely and hot. The lads were on their patio in their usual prone positions but sat up and spoke when they saw us. They'd already told us we could leave our cases in their apartment and have full use of their bathroom for showering etc. We cleared our room and spent the rest of the afternoon on their terrace sunbathing and drinking a few beers. Deb was again drinking diet coke which was now completely flat and warm so decided to join us with a few beers. She quickly zonked out to sleep whilst the three of us lads carried on drinking. The conversation, as per usual, got around to sex and both lads were saying that they were as horny as hell due to the fact that they had gone about a month without any sex at all. I remarked that they must be full to bursting point at which Rob replied that he'd nearly shot his load when he'd seen Debbie over Grants shoulder showing her tits and arse and then again when he was spanking her. I admitted that I felt exactly the same which seemed to surprise them both, adding 'what man wouldn't get turned on by seeing his wife being used and abused by a couple of guys'? Grant then turned to me and said 'well the next time the bitch throws water over me you might just get your wishes coming true'. I told him that if she did it again she deserved everything that was coming to her. At that moment she woke up and asked who deserved what. I told her what Grant had said to which she replied 'oh yeah, and whose army?'. I told her that she was pushing her luck but she just laughed and went to the fridge to get herself a cold beer. During the afternoon much beer was consumed and I could tell that Deb was getting quite pissed because she was beginning to slur her words. Then for the first time during the whole week she stood up and removed her bikini top then sat back down straddling her legs across the lounger before proceeding to rub ambre solaire all over her breasts. The three of us were mesmerized as she did this and apart from three semi erect cocks beginning to strain through swim shorts I noticed that her nipples were also coming to life. As if nothing had happened she replaced the top on the sun cream bottle, and laid down on her back with one leg slightly bent at the knee exhibiting a noticeable damp patch around the crotch piece of her light orange bikini bottoms. It was almost as if she knew what she was doing to us as she put her earplugs in and closed her eyes, occasionally gently stroking her stomach with her nails as she listened to her music. I was desperate to fuck her as I guess Grant and Rob also were. You could have cut the sexual tension with a knife for the next hour or so as Deb continued stroking her stomach and the three of us continued to lay on our front's to hide our raging hard ons. Deb got up and got another bottle of beer but she was uneasy on her feet. Both Rob and Grant appeared to be asleep so she just wandered around for a few minutes before deciding to cool down on the pool. She then climbed out of the pool and almost as if she planned it all along walked over to Grant and Rob and shook her wet hair all over them. She didn't even attempt to run away and as Rob shot up he grabbed her leg and pulled her over on top of himself. Grant made a grab for the other leg but caught her bikini waistband with his thumb and yanked them half way down and over her arse exposing a small tuft of pubic hair in the process. As she was playfully kicking I joined in and held ankles but then I just slid my hands up her thighs and pulled her bottoms right down and off over her ankles. Now she was completely naked, soaking wet and being held by three guys all aching to fuck her. She was laid on her back across Rob who was holding both her arms. She turned her head slightly towards him and they kissed. Her legs bent at both knees and dropped open exposing a glistening slit which I quickly moved to lick for her whilst Grant started sucking and licking her nipples. Within minutes she was bucking as she had a huge orgasm on the end of my tongue. I dropped my shorts and entered her, fucking furiously for about 30 seconds until I could hold back no longer, emptying my load inside her.

Grant lifted her up to allow Rob to be able to stand up and then after laying her back down on the lounger again he quickly removed his shorts and positioned himself between her sticky thighs, pumping powerfully until they both came together. As Grant withdrew loads of sticky liquid started to spill out from the puffy red lips of my grateful wife. I looked over to Rob who was wanking the most enormous cock I had ever seen. It must have been about 12 inches long and had the thickness of an arm. The huge bell end glistened and twitched in readiness as he took Grants place. Debbie winced and bit her bottom lips as this huge monster plunged deep inside her emptying its load almost immediately having been already primed by his own hand. He too withdrew allowing floods of seman to escape from her sticky hole. Grant picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, dropping her quite roughly onto the bed. All 4 of us were now naked and as Grant and Rob pulled her up onto all fours they positioned themselves at either end of her and proceeded to spit roast her in tandem. I layed on my back underneath her and licked and sucked on her nipples getting a fantastic view of Robs giant cock and balls slamming away at her grateful mouth. I managed to free one my hands and was able to gently stimulate her clit as Grant fucked her from behind and again she quickly came to a climax with the scream and shout of a banshee. I felt Grants ball slapping on my hand as his speed increased until he suddenly stopped and shuddered as he shot his load deep into Debs body. I now had the benefit of feeling his warm juices running all over my hand as I continued to work on her swollen clit. Rob started to moan and then causing Deb to gag and almost throw up he spilled his load into her throat, much being swallowed, the rest escaping down her chin and dripping on to the bed cover. The 3 of them collapsed onto the bed in a heap as I wormed my way out from underneath the tangled bodies. We all lay on the bed panting for what seemed like about half an hour until Deb started to moan again and then her body bucked once more as I realized that Grant and Rob had been fingering her pussy and her anus at the same time. Rob had now positioned himself in such a way that he was able to lick her anus and insert his tongue deep inside. This is something I'd never done to her before and she seemed to be going mental with the sensation it was causing. Between the first of the fucks until we finally both showered to leave and catch our taxi, Debbie must have been fucked at least 12 times. Kissing the guys farewell she jumped into the taxi. Winding down the window to say our goodbyes, Grant looked at her and said, 'if you know what's good for you you'll never chuck water at me again'. This was literally only last weekend and we've not mentioned it once since. We've not had sex since either although I've been wanking myself off a couple of times a day as I close my eyes and recall the day so vividly.