Written by lick2cum

24 Apr 2009

I found her on an adult site, mid 30's, tall, black lingerie but no facial pic.

She said she enjoyed role play so I sent her scene one of a role play called mysterious stranger. She expressed an interest and so day by day I sent further scenes describing how we would meet and what would happen. As it came to a conclusion she asked if we could play it out for real.

I arrived at the hotel early, called her with the room number, turned off the lights, left the door ajar and sat on a chair in the corner away from the far wall.

The door opened then closed shut. She walked along the corrider, across the room and placed her hands on the far wall, leaning forward with her legs slightly apart. She was 6ft tall in her heels and the long coat she had been instructed to wear only hinted at her figure.

She had been told not to look around and she complied, I sat and watched her from across the room, listening to her deep breathing, nervous with anticipation.

Eventually I moved across the room, stood behind her and blindfolded her with a silk scarf. I placed my hands over her hands and slowly ran my fingers along her arms, over her shoulders, down and forward to cup her breasts, feeling the curve of her waist then the curve of her bottom. I kneeled down and ran my fingers down her legs, moving from coat to silk stocking allthe way to her ankles. Then moving up along the inside of her leg, that magic moment moving from silky stocking to smoothe warm flesh, over her inner thigh and then gently brushing between her legs. She let out a sigh

I stood behind her anticipating her body

Again I moved forward and put my hands on hers. My fingers traced along her arms then over her shoulders but this time they moved forwards and started to undo the buttons of her coat. I took the coat by the lapels and eased it off her shoulders, she took her hands from the wall and let it drop to the floor. Immediately her hands went back to the wall and I stood back to admire. She was tall, slim, long legs, milky white skin which showed off the matching black lingerie. As I watched I removed my shirt

My lips brushed her shoulders as I un fastened her bra and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts were medium but firm and my hands cupped them, squeezed them, teased the nipples which hardened - it was my turn to sigh with pleasure. Reluctantly my hands left her breasts and moved down her waist, over her french knickers to the tops of her hold ups. I knelt down and continued to run my fingers down to her ankles

My left hand moved up the inside of her leg over stocking, over thigh untill it reached the leg of her french knickers. These allowed my fingers access to ever so gently brush her pubic hair and pussy lips which I parted just enough to feel how warm and moist she was.

I slipped my fingers into the top of her knickers and pulled them down to the floor in one movement. I kissed her bottom and gave it a bite. My hands pulled her cheeks apart and I ran my tongue along her pussy lips and the pushed it it - she tasted so good

With the taste of her pussy lingering on my lips, I stood up and removed the rest of my clothes. Standing close I slowly rubbed my cock along her pussy, pushed forward until it just slightly parted her lips and then stood there. She wriggled and tried to push back, I stopped her until suddenly without warning I thrust forward and filled her completely. She groaned and I could feel her gripping my cock. I slowly started to slide in and out of her, fondling her magnificant breasts, building up speed until my balls were slapping against her bottom. i wanted to fill her with cum but slid out and led her to the bed.

Still blindfolded she lay on the bed her legs open wide. I took her foot in my hand and kissed from toe to pussy. I licked her lips, flicked her lips, fingered her slip, watched her finger her lips. I started to push my tongue deep into her pussy, she held herself open so I could go as deep as possible. I started to lick her clit, slowly at first but building up speed and soon she was moaning as her orgasm shot through her body - her body moved violently but I held on and continued to suck her clit until she finally broke away.

I lay back as she recovered. She rose up and kissed me, her tongue thrusting deep into my mouth. She moved down my body until she found my cock. She kissed it, licked it, it disappeared down her throat, she gently bit along its length. Everytime I thought I was going to cum she sensed it and slowed down or stop. Eventually I could hold back no longer and I exploded. Cum shot from my cock more than ever before, as it filled her mouth she swalled taking every drop I had to offer

She moved up my body and kissed me deeply, she obviosly hadn't swallowed everything as she shared my cum with me, I started to go hard almost immediately

She moved forward even more and staddled me, pushing her soaking pussy into my face, I greedily licked her, entered her, sucked her lips and clit until she came again

She turned around and moved down my body. facing away from me she stopped over my cock and pushed backward, I watched it disappear deep inside her pussy.I watched her pussy lips slide up and down my cock as she teased me, rode me and evetually I came inside her.

She rolled off and pushed her fingers deep inside her cum filled pussy, I gave it one final licking until she came again

I got dressed, gave her a deep kiss. said thank you and left her blindfolded on the bed