24 Oct 2017

Hi everyone, this is a true account of what occurs on a frequent basis between my wife and I.

To help paint a better picture I should add that my wife is 56 very attractive, a size 12/14, long blond hair lovely curvy figure with an ample pair of breasts and a neatly trimmed pussy.

I got the idea of the role play model when my wife was feeling horny and told me about a young guy she got off with prior to meeting me.

This encounter clearly turned her on, and has allowed her to recall memory’s of his fit body and stamina during sex.

So I decided to explore her distant memory and see if I could rekindle the desire and lust she felt for this younger guy. So now during passion I play the part of a younger guy who has been pestering her to go out for a drink. She eventually relents, (fast forward a bit), they have a drink and end up snogging in the car. This then leads to one of her favourite things, being fingered through her knickers. The rest you can guess. This absolutely drives her crazy, screaming and thrashing around.

I find this a huge turn on, to the point I’ve given her permission to take a younger lover so she can experience this for real. At this point if I push it too much she says it’s only a fantasy.

From what I’ve said has anyone got a view what my next steps should/could be?