Written by 4hours2cum

24 Mar 2008

I\'m looking for the love of my life and so I meet an awful lot of ladies from dating sites, some become frinds some are one night stands some are long term lovers.

One in particular stands out above all the others I met her through a free dating site we chatted for a few weeks then we aranged to meet she lives about eight miles from me but did not then drive. so I picked her up outside a Mcdonalds she said her name was Ann name changed.

I said shall we go for a drink so I drove her to a country pub not far from my place.

we chatted for an hour she said she was working locally but came from a country in Europe when we finished our first drink, I said do you want a refill she said no I want to fuck you.

We drove to my flat as we entered the flat I said go left to the lounge or right to the bedroom she made a beeline for the bedroom once there we started kissing while she hurredly stripped her clothes off and crawled naked up the bed ,come to bed and fuck me she says So Take off my clothes and I crawl up the bed then she says I got a slight problem I bleed showing me her pantie liner she was at the end of her period so I grabs a towel slide it under her bum and start kissing her again meanwhile caressing her body Anna is about five four cuddly and shaven with brown shoulder length hair I started frigging her pussy then her lips found my stiff cock.

I\'ve had a few blow jobs in my time but she had an unbeleivable tecnique which had me on the verge of coming in a couple of minutes I said not yet I want to fuck you so she climbs astride me I quickly don a condom and she rides my cock till she comes a couple of times then she says do my arse put your cock there fuck my arse so I opened her brown ring and lube it with ky and strected it a bit more with three fingers the sank my hard meat gradually into her hot tight ass I fucked her for ages building up a steady rhytham meanwhile she was frigging her clit and wailing through each come then I sped up and on the vinigar strokes shot my load into the tight confines of her arse then as I withdrew I whipped off the condom and binned it Ann took my softening cock into her mouth and deep throated me bringing me back to erectness then she sucked me untill I filled her throat with another load of cum we had a quick shower then whilst enjoying a cup of post fuck coffee I showed Ann the web site of my local swinging club and she says next time we meet you take me to the club and we fuck there.

that was over a year ago.

I found out through swinging at the club that Ann is Bi and also enjoys the attention of more than one lover.