Written by Mark

9 Feb 2010

Having lived with Rosie for almost a year I know what a slut she can be both in the bedroom and when we go out. We both joined our company after graduating 5 years ago and she has rapidly climbed the corporate ladder. I am a senior member of a team she manages but no one knows we live together. At work she wears smart suits with a knee length skirt although they are tight enough to show her curves. The lads on the team call her "The Mistress" because she doesn't take any crap but often talk about her, usually concluding that what she needs is a good fuck. I tell her whats been said and she will often say she wouldn't mind one or the other shagging her, and there were 3 or 4 she would fuck if she were not in charge.

What they don't know, is that at weekends we go away to a large town far enough away not to be known, where she will dress in the the shortest of skirts, without panties, showing off her shapely legs, flashing her pussy and a revealing top which just about cover her tits. Visiting pubs until she sees, usually a couple of lads she fancies. She gets a drink and sits where they can see her, crossing her legs flashing her shaved pussy. They almost always go over to her and I'll watch as she goes to work, she'll turn, so only they can see, then open her legs exposing her cunt, sometimes even reaching between her legs, touching her pussy. It doesn't take long before she signals me that they want to fuck her and I will join them for a drink before we go to our hotel and Rosie gets what she wants, a good hard fucking.

There were a couple of blokes at work who she really had the hots for, telling me several times how much she wanted to feel their cocks in her pussy. We were watching some crime programme on TV and part of it showed how peoples appearance changes with a different hair style or a wig. This gave us the idea and the following weekend a blond wig was purchased to hide her short fair hair, with it on I hardly recognised her. During the week Rosie told me who she wanted to fuck her, part of the excitement for her was the idea of being fucked by them without them realising she was their boss.

I suggested to them that we go for a lads night out on the Saturday and of the 6 she fancied 4 were able to come.

On the night we'd booked a hotel room in the town centre. I watched as she got ready, sitting in front of the mirror putting on much more makeup than usual, a short red dress with cut outs down the sides and then the blond wig. We decided that I would make sure they'd all had a few drinks then text her our location. An hour or so later I sent the text and she arrived wearing an unbuttoned coat over the top of the dress. She got a drink at the bar which was fairly crowded then moved to the end near us. Even I was a bit surprised when she perched on a stool, sitting so her pussy was level with our heads, "accidentally" flashing her gash, then sitting, legs parted just enough to reveal her pussy. She sat for about 5 minutes, looking round, glancing and smiling at us before getting down, asking us to watch her bag and coat while she visited the ladies. She'd tried to disguise her voice but one of them remarked that she sounded a bit like "The Mistress" before adding, to my relief, that she was probably curled up with a book and a mug of Horlicks.

When she came back we invited her to sit at our table, more drinks were bought, Rosie sitting explaining she was visiting as the conversation got dirtier, until Rosie lent forward and said "Do you all want to come to my hotel and fuck me?". I knew one was engaged and he made an excuse and left but the four of us were soon in her room. She dropped her dress to the floor then got down and unzipped one sucking his prick while we undressed. She rubbed between her legs sucking him harder, smearing her lipstick on his shaft, wanking his cock in her mouth, sucking him dry swallowing his cum when he came. We all had raging hardons as she knelt on the bed arse in the air holding her cunt open demanding that one of us fuck her. She sighed when she felt her cunt stretching as a cock penetrated her shafting her hard as I pushed my prick to her mouth to suck. I intended to just fuck her mouth to make sure the wig didn't get accidentally pulled off.

She'd come once on the cock pounding her and was vigorously rubbing her clit, writhing almost sobbing as she felt his prick spurting jizz in her cunt. He pulled out and was instantly replaced, the feel of a different cock filling her tight hole was enough to make her orgasm then as it subsided begging him to make her cum again. The other two had got their mobile phones and were taking photos of my cock in her mouth and her cock filled pussy, egging us on to spunk in her. I shot my load in her mouth then watched as she was photographed with it dribbling down her chin as she received a load in her pussy. More pictures were taken with her laid on her back, legs spread wide, creampied, sperm pouring out of her cunt.

One of them had fallen asleep on the floor, but after we'd had a drink I watched as she got the other two hard again. I knew that she would want them both to fuck her at the same time. She got one to lie on the the bed then getting on top sank down until she had taken his pole moving on him, getting comfortable, before telling the other lad she wanted him to enter her as well. She lent so that her cunt was exposed then lifted herself, holding the first cock 2 or 3 inches still inside, then told him to push his cock in next to it. Despite the number of times I've seen Rosie fucked, her cunt is tight but quite elastic. As he slid his cock in she pushed back, her cunt expanding to take them both to the hilt. I had their phones and had quickly gone through the photos deleting any which might have identified her before snapping pictures of her cock filled cunt as they DP'd her. The one on top had more freedom to move, shafting her, thrusting his cock in hard, while the other slowly poked her. With two throbbing cocks in her cunt Rosie was panting she was cumming again bucking and arching her body as first one came in her and pulled out giving the other more room, shagging her with short fast strokes until he went still as he spunked. She lay on her back more cream oozing out of her. As arranged I told the others we ought to leave and had called taxis. I went down with them and saw them off telling them my taxi was on its way before going back to fuck Rosie.

On Monday morning all the lads on the team had been told what had happened and seen the photos of Rosie being fucked but wanted to know why they hadn't got any face photos and who she was. I had to smile when one of the lads said he'd recognise her if he saw her again as she came into the office, wearing her conservative business suit and told them to get on with their work.