Written by casacasa

19 Mar 2007

I like to try and keep myself in shape so i try and get some exersice. My wife likes to have a massage, so she has a girl come to the house once a week. I pulled my back so the wife arranged for the girl to come out and give me a massage, when the doorbell rang the wife got it. She was told that the normal girl was busy so Jo was here to replace her, the wife told me she was off shopping and would be back in a couple of hours. Jo set her table up and told me to strip down to my boxer's and lay on the table.

Jo started to massage me and we started talking about all sorts of things, she moved to the top of the table and was working down my back. She started to push her hands under the top of my boxers while going down my back, every time she did this she pushed her cunt into my face and i could start to smell her through her uniform. She asked if it was alright and i said yes, at this she slid her hands right into my boxers and over my arse. She said is that ok and i told her that she was making me hard. She asked if i wanted my front massaging, so i turned over with my cock sticking up in the air.

She got hold of my boxers and pulled them off, then she started to massage my cock up and down. I told her that if she carried on i was going to spunk, so she lent over and took my cock in her mouth and wanked my until i shot my spunk into her mouth. She then stripped off and came to the top of the bed and lowered her cunt onto me face, she was wet and within 2mins of me starting to lick her she shot her cunt juice over my face. By now my cock was hard again and she moved over and sat down on my cock, she went up and down for about 10mins.

While she was riding me, i was playing with her arse and she was enjoying it. She told me that she wanted her boyfriend to play with her arse, but he did not like it. She then lifted herself off my cock, slipped 2 fingers up her cunt and covered them with juice then ran them over her arse. Then she got hold of my cock and slowly started to feed it up her arse, once in she sat for a minute to get used to it before riding me until we both came.

We both cleaned up and got ready and just as Jo was walking out of the front door the wife came back and asked if i have enjoyed myself. I said i felt great and may book for another, but that is another story.