Written by rogered

14 Apr 2009

She led me upstairs by the hand and made me sit on the bed. I'd slipped off all my clothes and then had the pleasure of watching her peel her clothes off her revealing a lovely curvy body. She had good full tits, perfectly shaped. I asked her to leave her stockings and suspender belt on and then she slipped onto the bed with me. We lay there for a while just rubbing hands gently across each other's bodies. I was enjoying exploring her lovely bod rubbing my hands all over her peachy arse and then down her legs feeling her sheer stockings contrast with her fleshy thighs.

I asked her if she thought her boyfriend would approve of her behaviour and she told me that he was away for 5 weeks at a time and that she was a horny lady and needed more fucking then he could do. He knew she would play sometimes when he was away and tonight she'd just thought that she fancied getting fucked. Lucky old me!

Suddenly she moved closer towards me and kissed me hard sliding her dirty tongue insdie my mouth. Then she moved down my body licking my nipples which she loved as they got hard very quickly. She made me yelp as she bit me. My cock began stirring as she moved further down licking me along my stomach towards my stiffening cock. She moved beyond my cock and I felt her tongue on my balls licking them lightly. I moved onto my back and pulled her body onto me. I moved one of her legs over my head and there in front of me was the most delightful looking pussy inches from my mouth. I was gonna love this! Tina took my cock head in her mouth and sucked me gently – I was rock hard again and ready to fuck her mouth. However she was in control and her pussy was asking me to suck it. I pushed a tentative tongue towards her pussy and licked along her slit. Tina gasped and then went straight down deep-throating me. I shuddered as my cock was enveloped and flicked her clit with my tongue. Her pussy was nice and wet from the shafting I'd given her earlier so I used my hands to pull her lips apart and pushed my tongue inside her cunt. It opened up like a flower and I mashed my face into her wetness. Tina was bucking on my face as I tongue-fucked her pushing my tongue deep inside her tight cunt. I was getting the benfits as she pumped her head up and down on my dick sucking me hard as she pulled back. I wasn't gonna last long with this so I moved from under her and felt my cock hit my stomach as it slipped out of her mouth. I threw her on her back and kissed her full on the mouth with my pussy flavoured mouth and tongue. She was panting again and then I went down on her again. This time pushing two fingers in her pussy as I sucked her cunt. She was asking me what I was doing to her and I told her in the filthiest way that I was licking her clit whilst fingering her – asking her if her boyfirned would like to watch her get played with like this. She told me she could suck his cock whilst getting licked and then started telling me she was getting close. I was watching her from between her legs and could see her body flush and then she squealed as she started coming from my tongueing. She screamed out and gasped for what seemed an age then she pushed my head from between her thighs. “That's too much” she said.

Whilst she was still coming down I moved up along her body. Without waiting I shoved my cock straight inside her dripping cunt. Fuck she was wet. She'd let out a huge gasp as I slipped it up her and then grabbed my arse pulling me inside her. I fucked her hard giving her full lenghts a few short teasing ones and then deep long ones with my stiff cock. I thought I'd tease her and mentioned the boyfriend again. “Do you think he'd like some of this when he gets home – a bit of doubling up?” I asked her. “Oh fuck yeah” she said. “He wants me to get spit roasted”. That did it for me the thought of doubling up on this bird made my cock bubble and I started getting real close. I kept thrusting and then let go a big load deep inside her pussy grunting with pleasure. I leftmy cock deep inside letting it soak inside her pussy. She made no effort to roll me off and just stroked my arse pulling me tighter to her.

“Ooh that was good” she said “Would you be up for doing me again when my boyfriend gets back?”

It was a bit of a no-brainer really – I'll let you know what happened about two weeks later.