Written by 3inabed_1

11 Oct 2010

Later in the holiday after Sally had had some fun with the young waiter we got talking to two English lads in their thirties whilst lounging by the pool.

Sally was as usual in just her bikini bottoms as she loves to get a nice tan. Phil and Matt had been eyeing Sally up from their sunbeds and I told her they were looking interested. Sally made sure she did some very sexy stretches to accentuate her fabulous body and show of her tits to their full potential and made eye contact and smiled at them as she did it.

It wasn't long before we got talking to the two lads who it turned out were barristers from a law firm in Newcastle. Sally really took to them as she loves intelligent men and was soon laughing and flirting with them. We arranged to meet after dinner at the terrace bar.

When we were getting ready to go out I asked Sally if she wanted to fuck Phil and Matt, "what do you think" she said. "I know you do" said I. Sally laughed her dirty laugh and went off to get dressed.

Sally put on a nice short button through dress and some nice strappy heels and of course went without bra and knickers again, she looked sensational. After dinner we went to the terrace where the two lads had saved us seats. The three of us guys took it in turns to get in the drinks while Sally stayed and chatted to whoever was left at the table.Sally sat between the lads and was flirting and giggling merrily. It was my turn at the bar so off I went. When I came back I took my place across the table. The looks on the guys faces told me something was going on and then I noticed Sally's smile, the lick of the lips and the downwards glance she gave and realised she had both their cocks out under the table and was gently wanking them both. I had to see more so pretending I'd dropped something bent to have a look under the table. Both guys were sporting nice hard-ons and Phil was particularly well hung with Matt more thn average too. Sally had the bottom few buttons undone on her dress and her legs slightly apart with a hand on each thigh working towards her lovely naked shaven cunt.

It's an amazing buzz to see your wife like this when so many other people are around and completely oblivious to what's going on.

Sally sat back at bit and opened her legs further and told the guys to finger fuck her then taste her pussy juices, they were only too happy to oblige. I was loving it and by now very hard in my shorts.

After a few more drinks we went to the guys room with some drinks and this time with some condoms from the hotel toilet vending machine. Sally between the guys with her arms around their waists and the guys lifting up her dress and revealling her bare arse to anybody who might be looking, I walked behind slightly to watch the spectacle playing with my cock as I walked.

Once in the room it wasn't long before the dress was off and sally in just her heels went about realeasing all our cocks for her pleasure. She started sucking each of us in turn and wanking the other two together. We all got naked pretty soon and went to one of the beds. Sally told Matt to lie down and she got on all fours and started to suck him off.Phil played with Sals cunt getting her dripping wet and even managed to get four fingers into her as she moaned and forced herself back at his hand. Matt could take no more and announced he was cumming, Sal sucked faster and deeper and he filled her mouth with cum. When Sal then turned to Phil Matts cum was leaking from her mouth as she smiled. She then knelt and took Phil's cock in her mouth and sucked on his huge cock for all she was worth. I watched and wanked. Phil was groaning and about to unload now so Sal stopped sucking him, called me over and told us both to wank on her face and tits. She licked both our cocks in turn as we wanked and soon I came all over her face and hair, this sent Phil over the edge and he too covered her face and hair in his cum. Sally licked it off her mouth and chin and then rubbed it down on to her tits as she cleaned our cocks with her tongue.

Phil took time to recover as Matt put on a condom and Sally straddled him to the hilt and fucked him reverse cowgirl until she flooded him with her own cum and cunt juices. Matt lasted a while this time and made her cum a few times before erupting in her cunt with a loud grunt. Sal gently removed his condon and tipped his hot cum into her mouth and swallowed it. Phil was now redy and Sally put him a condom on wanking his big cock as she did, so sensual watching your wife doing that,Then he fucked her hard from behind for what seemed like forever.She was dripping and very pink around her lovely hot cunt hole. I offered my hard again cock to her willing mouth and was soon cumming once more.

Later back in the room we talked about our evening and said we'd enjoyed it very much indeed. The guys were going home the next day so we didn't get another night with them but Sally did tell me later she'd wanked Phil off in the swimming pool before they had to leave.

What a woman!