2 Nov 2017

Hi guys.

Sally hear. I would like to tell you all about an arrangement I have set up with our landlord due to our financial struggles and this will be the first time dan knows about this.

For the past few months we have been struggling financially which has taken its toll on mine and dans sex life. So I took it upon myself without dans knowledge to invite our landlord round to see if he could help us out.

Now our landlord Clive is a real gent. The best landlord you could wish for but I have suspected for a while that he has the hots for me. Always calling me babe and paying me compliments when dan is not around.

The morning of Clive coming round I purposely ran myself a bath so when he arrived I would answer the door in just a towel. Bingo right on queue Clive arrived so I went downstairs hair wet with only a towel wrapped around my heaving breasts and waxed smooth pussy.

Clive's eyes nearly popped out of his head as I opened the door and I invited him in with a smile on my face. We greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek as always and I told him to make himself comfortable whilst I went upstairs to get dressed. As I walked up the stairs I could feel Clive's eyes looking up under my towel and I knew he could see a lot more than he bargained for.

As I was drying myself in our bedroom I looked into the mirror to see Clive standing in the door way. I turned to him naked as the day I was born and Clive walked over to me and started to run his hands all over my body. I literally melted.

Clive then said "if you and Dan are struggling I'm sure we could come to some arrangement".

I smiled nervously and said that I'm sure we could but it would only be touching and sucking and nothing else as I did not want things to turn complicated.

He just grinned bent his head down and took my left breast into his mouth and started to suck and bite my erect nipple. I threw my head back and moaned and I could feel myself juicing up. Clives hands were all over me, rubbing my big arse and then round to my sex. I put my hand on his and said "no Clive we can't what about Dan" to which he replied "dan doesn't need to know anything apart from we have sucked and rubbed"

With that I opened my legs further and Clive started to finger my fuck hole. I came hard holding onto his neck. I reached down to his jeans, unzipped him to find the biggest and thickest cock I have ever felt. I just had to look. I got on my knees and gazed at Clive's magnificent cock it was beautiful.

Lust took over me and I started to lick the tip of his huge member eventually deep throating his huge rod until I was gagging.

He pulled me away from his cock and I knew what was going to happen.

He walked me over to mine and dans marital bed and laid me down on it. I told him that we shouldn't be going this far but he just grinned and said "sally trust me you will not want to turn down the chance to sample my big cock"

That did it for me. I literally looked Clive in the eyes and begged (no I sobbed) for him to fuck me like a real man should.

He got between my legs and started to lick my sex into a frenzy and he soon had me bucking against his face as orgasm after orgasm ripped through me.

I then felt Clive's bulbous tip pressing against my willing pussy and he slid in slowly. Inch after inch and it was better than heaven. When Clive has finally slid his whole length inside me with his big balls resting against my arsehole I wrapped my legs around his back and screamed for him to fuck me like the Slut I was.

Now any ladies reading this I beg you to get in contact with me because until you have had Clive's cock inside you you have not been fucked.

Clive hammered my sex like no man has done before. I lost count how many times I came and the fact I nearly passed out is credit to Clive. He fucked me in every position possible and he even slid his heavenly cock inside my arse hole.

He then told me that he was close to coming and slid back inside my now gaping pussy. He started to speed up his fucking as he slammed into me and told me he was close. I begged him to pull out as I had come off the pill due to me and dan trying for a baby but he ignored my request and told me " you are mine now sally. I will come where I want and if that means I knock you up then so be it". I literally came like never before and eventually gave up with my pleas, wrapped my legs around my stud and begged for him to fertilise my sex which he did. Hey after jet of Clive's hot baby batter splashed my naked walls.

Me and Clive ended up fucking twice more before he had to leave.

I'm sorry you had to find out this way dan but I couldn't keep it from you anymore. Me and clive fuck at every opportunity as I cannot get enough of his cock. Clive is the best lover I have ever had.

I know dan will be ok with this as he lets me fuck who I want and I also let dan fuck me but I'm also 3 weeks late so the question is

Who is the daddy xx