Written by sally

6 Sep 2008

well this will be last story, about my adventure in France that a few of you wanted to no about well my parents and i went to France on a regular basis to visit their friends who had a small farm. As achild it was exciting but now having left school and no teenagers of my age was not going to be much fun. The last time we were there a farm hand called Serge was working there he only came to work in the summer the winter he spent Spain he was tall black haired a man of the earth tannned huge caloused hands. For some reason When I saw him this year i fantazied of him being my first fuck. Many a warm night i spent finger fucking myself thinking what it would be like. We had a really hot summer no rain it felt unbareable one early evening i went for a walk in the orchard to keep cool and hopefully get a breeze it was hot sticky and thundery as i walked i heard the sound of the tractor looking behind me i saw Serge driving into the orchard i walked on and sat down under a tree to cool he stopped beside me and said i should get back to the farmhouse as the weather was about to break at that the first roll of thunder sounded we stared at each other and suddenly he was by my side with his caloused hands holding my face and kissing me open mouthed with his tongue down my throat he started to nibble at my lips i felt his hard on pressed against my stomach he stood back and said open your blouse so i can see those great tits you have been pushing in my face why i said this i do not know but i said why dont you rip it of he did my blouse and bra in pieces at my feet he grabed my tits and started sucking them an giving me little bites i was in exctasy. He picked me up and threw me on my back on to the trailer pulled of my shorts and panties his rough fingers probed me and he smiled as he found me wet he stood back kicked of his boots took of his shirt and undone his belt and let his trousers fall his cock was thick no way was he going to get that inside me it would hurt. He pulled me towards it and slowly rubbed it up and down my pussy until he got the knob in slowly he pushed i yelped it hurt but he persisted Ipulled myself up to wriggle away he grabed me I bit his sholder which seemed to excite him and he started to thrust slowly to start with then faster by this time I did not want him to stop it felt tight but my juices were flowing harder and faster he went how many tmes i came i cant remember suddenly with a groan he pulled out of me pushed me back and shot his load over my stomach. Breathing hard he said i knew this is waht you wanted i said yes your right I am sore but i felt fulfilled at last a good fuck and not just a finger. He wiped me clean with my torn blouse and gave me his shirt to put on I sat on the trailer going back in a daze the thunder still rumbled and the rain started just as we got back to the farm. As he left me he said I will be in the hay loft if you want to see me again, 3 times before i went home i visited the hay loft I could not keep away from that thick cock and those rough hands. As i write this my partner of 15 years Jake says I must put a foot note about the music teacher a couple of years ago I wa s invited back to my school for a 75 year anniversary I had told Jake about the music teacher and said who nos she may be there and she was Jake of course seeing her got a huge hard on because I had told him what had happened I spoke to her caught up with our lifes and I had to ask did she do with other girls what we had done. She smiled said she hadnt and to this day could not explain why she and I had done what we did but it had een one of her most pleasurable experiences. I told her about the state Jake was in seeing us together she giggled said come outside. She appeared with her husband and said get in the car the 4 of us drove to a quiet place and she told the men to get out of the car she then pulled down her trousers and panities (still clean shaven) and i did the same we finger fucked each other as our men watched and then I gave her husband a blow job and she did Jake. I am now trying to persuade Jake to write his story about how he lost his virginity tell me if reader you would like to hear this????